Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inspiring Anawangin

I've been trying to find one of the best beach retreats just 3 hours or less (200 KM roughly) away from Manila, and so far, I've selected White Cove (now Canyon Cove) in Nasugbu in Batangas and Laiya in San Juan also in Batangas. Now, I think I have found the best beach retreat that is 3 hours away from home, Anawangin.

I thought the road to Anawangin was longer, so I was surprised to find out that it was less than an hour away from Subic. Well, to go to Anawangin, one can opt to stay in Pundakit, a barrio in San Antonio in mainland Zambales. Adventurers choose to trek for 4 hours to the place. Since we were a very big group, and some weren't into trekking or camping, we took the former option and stayed in Canoe Beach Resort. (More on the resort and Capones Island as well in another post) From there, we took a 20 minute scenic boat ride to amazing Anawangin Cove.

The beach was wide with the bald yet mystical Zambales mountains painting the background. The sand wasn't actually white and fine, since it was debris from Mt. Pinatubo. So it seemed like more of crushed fine volcanic rock. We arrived very excited, and was rather disappointed to see a lot of campers, that it almost seemed there was a resort. Fortunately, the crowd grew smaller as the day moved on.

What sets Anawangin apart from the rest of the beaches in the Philippines is its spectacular setting. It is like a piece of Marlboro Country cut and paste onto the edge of Zambales mountains. The trees were like Evergreen, and the shallow river found at the back of the shore had an interesting mix of salt and fresh water. Sitting by the sandy edge of the river was one of the most relaxing and peaceful rests I had, hearing only the eerie sound of the wind and the soft trickle of the water. Indeed, the experience was inspiring.

So, if you're looking for a quick getaway, here's your best choice. Anawangin makes you feel you are miles and miles away from Manila, or even the Philippines. It is just breathtakingly unique.

Canoe Beach Resort
Landline (02) 8683361 or 8688876
Mobile: +639178810029


  1. This is truly a very nice place...
    I went there last April and its only been a few weeks and im planning to go back again...

    Here's my blog of how we got there

  2. good day
    Experience the beauty of Zambales and its islands... We take you there by boat and spend a night or two in Anawangin's camping site , gaze thru the beauty of the Nagsasa cove, walk thru Camara island's white sands and visit the lighthouse in's an adventure you won't forget.. So pack up and call us...09193910016



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