Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Viaje del Sol Series: Casa San Pablo

I have heard about the Viaje Del Sol more than a year ago. I knew some of the places it promotes, but have visited only two in my lifetime: Villa Escudero and Kusina Salud. Last Monday, we decided to head off for the Journey of the Sun to visit at least 3 stops in the tourist trail. Here is the first of four parts in the Viaje Del Sol Series:

CASA SAN PABLO became our first stop, as it was positioned to be in the map. Upon entering San Pablo City, take a left to the city proper after seeing the Caltex along Maharlika. A hundred meters more and you will see the Casa San Pablo sign to your right.

Actually, I knew about Casa San Pablo ever since 2004, and I already planned to stay overnight at the famed inn. But work foes got in the way so I had to cancel. 4 years after, I was able to set foot on the place where artists cast themselves away to.

And it was indeed a very inspiring place, mostly because it had a very relaxing atmosphere. It actually had the feel of Baguio, having a pine trees around. I thought the place would be more rustic, but it looked like more of a countryside estate. I could imagine myself lazing around in one of their hammocks or writing down the script for a movie I've always wanted to do.

The place is peaceful and quiet. There are around 12 art inspired rooms and 2 casitas enough to house up to 100 guests! But don't worry. The large expanse and layout of the resort enables guests to enjoy their own private spaces.

We actually had a buffet lunch in Casa San Pablo for P400 per person. The dining area was bright and airy giving it a very casual atmosphere. I was really hungry so it was a pleasure to had bright interiors to match a satisfying dining experience.

The menu was simple: Corn Soup, Chicken in Peanut Sauce (much like kare-kare), Ginataang Hipon, Lechon Kawali, Chicken Barbeque and Ubod Salad (lumpiang ubod without the lumpia). They also served us luscious leche flan for dessert. I thought it was a little expensive at P400, but I knew you were also paying for the ambience and great service.

So, as a first stop, Casa San Pablo is a treat to retreat to. It is probably best to use Casa San Pablo as your accommodation of choice for the night, if you do plan to take the Viaje in 2 days.

Gomez Compound, Brgy. San Roque, San Pablo City, Laguna

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