Friday, May 2, 2008

Mozu Cafe

I live near Pearl Drive so I passby Amethyst Road going home. I noticed there was a newly opened cafe at the ground floor of Linden Suites on the Amethyst side. It was interesting, since it was looked like those bars/cafes you go to cap a day of work with friends. The place was called Mozu.

At first I really didn't know if it was a cafe or a bar or a Japanese resto. But the name had the cafe label, so I assumed it would be like a Japanese coffee bar. One night, Jason and I decided to hang out and have some coffee here. The place was charming to be honest. It did feel like those after office hours bars, nicely lit, cool and had a great ambience for casual conversations.

Seeing their menu, I was surprised to see a varied selection of food. There were sandwiches, pastas, cakes and rice dishes. So it was your typical cafe and not a Japanese one. The menu was priced affordably so even though I already had dinner, I managed to order a plate of Beef Kebab and some Green Tea Shake (P120). Jason ordered the Toffee Macadamia (P130) and Pasta Romano.

The Beef Kebab (P100) was actually wrapped in flat bread, so it looked like a shawarma. It also had a lot of garnishes inside making it more of a shwarma. It wasn't bad and that good either. It came with so little garlic cream sauce. For the price, it was good value.

The Pasta Romano (P130) was like pesto. Again, nothing special, but not bad. It seems that they just give you more than enough for what you paid for.

Finally, dessert. When in a new restaurant, I always ask for the best cake. I don't ask for the price. I just ask them to serve the best. Here, they served me the Mud Cheese Cake (P200). It was a layered cheesecake that wasn't too sweet for you to enjoy more than 3 bites. I was actually happy with the cake. At P200, it was was the most expensive of what we ordered, probably too expensive for its standards. Well, at least we ended a laid back meal satisfied.

What makes Mozu a cafe to visit is its charm. It's the bar slash cafe below your office, where after a long hard day, you can unwind with friends who can choose to have coffee or beer at the same time. Now that's something new. Think of gathering your Starbucks friends with your Gerry's barkada. Be one big happy family in Mozu!

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