Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Have you tasted the Chocolate Decadent Cake of Blugre Coffee in Davao? It is a simple chocolate cake, heated and bathed in a cream sauce. Simply amazing.

Or how about this Revel Bar? I just can't get enough of it.

I was surprised to have these wonderful cakes in Blugre Coffee in Davao. It's not my first time to visit Blugre. It's my coffee shop of choice in Davao. They have a Durian Flavored Coffee, but I am not a fan. So, when in Davao, have a break at Blugres, and savor their delicious pastries.

Kingdom Thai Cuisine

Tucked in a corner and seemingly out of place in a dodgy neighborhood, Kingdom is a surprising new find in Angeles City near Clark. Located at the Ground Floor of the Marlim Mansions (Marlim Road corner MacArthur Highway), Kingdom is the much talked about Thai restaurant of Chef Sau Del Roasario of M Cafe and Chelsea fame.

Of course, the first thing that you will notice is the beautiful interior of the place. The restaurant has a gorgeous design. It has the same sophistication of M Cafe.

I am a fan of Thai food and I have tasted some of the best in Thailand from the traditional Blue Elephant and the busy My Kitchen. So, after reading that Sau established Luna in Shanghai (which I already visited, but didn't know it was established by a Filipino), I had my expectations set very high.

When I got the menu, I immediately asked if they served Thai Iced Tea. They said yes, but I was persistent in knowing if it was the real thing. When the waiter showed me the pack, I was contented. It was the Number One Brand of tea, the one I use to horde in Thailand, when I see it in the grocery there.

We started our meal with a refreshing Papaya Salad. The dish was crunchy and the mix of sweetness and spiciness was balanced. My friends enjoyed it, but of course, I was in high expectations, so I thought it was just good. I've tasted a better papaya salad by the street in Koh Chang.

Of course, we had to order the staple Pad Thai. This was a bit of a disappointment, because it was quite bland, not much flavor and the ingredients weren't all that fresh.

Our main courses were the Stir Prawns and the Green Chicken Curry. We opted for getting basic stuff, to really gauge the quality of food. The prawns were delicious with garlic and butter oozing, but they were nothing special.

The Green Chicken Curry was better, but the taste grew on me slowly. It was overly spicy, but I liked it that way.

The major disappointment was the Kingdom Fried Rice, supposedly a specialty, but it turned out to be a waste of money as it was expensive. It was just like salted fish fried rice, and the rice itself was not long grain, but was just the ordinary local kind. My rice at home is even better in grade.

The experience was not at par with my high expectations, and I thought it was just me. But my friends also gave a "nothing special" verdict. Yes, it was satisfying, as the serving were huge, but I expected way more. We ended our meals with the Chelsea dessert favorite, Cookie Dough Cheesecake, which was substandard again to the real Chelsea cheesecake which I have listed as one of the top 5 cheesecakes in the country. The Pandan Sansirval was better, but had a weird "before" taste.

Over-all, I wouldn't call Kingdom one of the best. People's Palace and Silk are way better. We arrived at 9:30PM on a Sunday, so there weren't much customers, making the kitchen move slowly and the food uninspired. But nevertheless, a good restaurant serves great food any time of the day. The ambience is an oasis perfect for friends and family to unwind, making it a place to visit when in Angeles or Clark.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Fluke means a stroke of luck. I wonder why the owner called her resto this way. Fluke calls its offerings home food. When I was craving for some savory rice dishes, I stumbled upon Fluke. Call that a stroke of luck.

Fluke does serve simple comfort homemade dishes. The ambience of this small resto was cozy as well, the type that you would visit over and over again. The wait staff gave us pleasant service, and even though the place was packed during that time, our food quickly came out hot and fresh.

I ordered the Beef Salpicao. I was really craving for something garlicky so this was my obvious choice. We were there for lunch after checking out in A. Venue Suites (we had an event in the Event Hall the day before). The beef was well marinated, and at first, I bit into a few tough bites. I was already judging a bad experience, but the rest of the meat turned out better. The next thing I knew, I finished my plate, and wanted more.

My colleague ordered a rice bowl of Beef Teriyaki. The serving was just right, enough to keep you satisfied. It wasn't excellent and extraordinary just like the salpicao, but it was tasty. The beef was tender and not chewy. I guess, this is what was meant by comfort food. Fluke doesn't try to be culinary haven, but something you would just enjoy.

Fluke had a bakeshop named Miniature Bakeshop. The display chiller contained small bites of brownies and other pastries. The waiter told me their bestseller was their cream puffs. I wasn't in the mood for cream puffs, so I opted for a Mango Mallow Pie, which tasted much like mango gelatin over a butter graham crust.

I really couldn't say much about Fluke, other than I had a pleasant experience. They gave us a guestbook where we could write down some comments. I read through the book, and hoped I had seen it along with the menu. I thought it would be good for the resto to show the comments and recommendations of their customers when they hand over their menu. A lot of good things has been written down, and I myself just had nice things to say. All in all, I would return to Fluke, along with my friends to share the pleasant homey experience I had.


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