Sunday, November 2, 2008


Fluke means a stroke of luck. I wonder why the owner called her resto this way. Fluke calls its offerings home food. When I was craving for some savory rice dishes, I stumbled upon Fluke. Call that a stroke of luck.

Fluke does serve simple comfort homemade dishes. The ambience of this small resto was cozy as well, the type that you would visit over and over again. The wait staff gave us pleasant service, and even though the place was packed during that time, our food quickly came out hot and fresh.

I ordered the Beef Salpicao. I was really craving for something garlicky so this was my obvious choice. We were there for lunch after checking out in A. Venue Suites (we had an event in the Event Hall the day before). The beef was well marinated, and at first, I bit into a few tough bites. I was already judging a bad experience, but the rest of the meat turned out better. The next thing I knew, I finished my plate, and wanted more.

My colleague ordered a rice bowl of Beef Teriyaki. The serving was just right, enough to keep you satisfied. It wasn't excellent and extraordinary just like the salpicao, but it was tasty. The beef was tender and not chewy. I guess, this is what was meant by comfort food. Fluke doesn't try to be culinary haven, but something you would just enjoy.

Fluke had a bakeshop named Miniature Bakeshop. The display chiller contained small bites of brownies and other pastries. The waiter told me their bestseller was their cream puffs. I wasn't in the mood for cream puffs, so I opted for a Mango Mallow Pie, which tasted much like mango gelatin over a butter graham crust.

I really couldn't say much about Fluke, other than I had a pleasant experience. They gave us a guestbook where we could write down some comments. I read through the book, and hoped I had seen it along with the menu. I thought it would be good for the resto to show the comments and recommendations of their customers when they hand over their menu. A lot of good things has been written down, and I myself just had nice things to say. All in all, I would return to Fluke, along with my friends to share the pleasant homey experience I had.

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