Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back in Bantayan

Continuing on catching up with my travel journals for this year. This entry takes me back to one of first island destinations ever since I was bitten by the travel bug - Bantayan Island in Northern Cebu. Getting here is easy. Take a bus from Cebu City to Hagnaya port in Bogo. The ride is around 3 to 4 hours long.

From Hagnaya, there are scheduled ferry services almost every hour to Bantayan Island. Take the first class fast craft, which brings you to Bantayan in only 30 minutes, compared to the 1 to 1.5 hours on a regular ferry.

We arrive in Bantayan filled with excitement, as I was with first time visitors. The sight of the white sand beaches on the port area made me quite sentimental. After all, this island was my first adventure experience. Way back in 2002, I was in Cebu, headed for Bantayan without any plan. Now, almost 7 years later, I was eager to know what changed.

Since we were there for "work", we had to visit the public market first. We were surprised to see that it was one of the cleanest markets we have been to. The stalls were organized and I was in a shooting frenzy with all the dried seafood being sold.

I'll end this post here, since I want to start another on the resort where we had lunch. See you!

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