Thursday, August 19, 2010

Devouring Bacolod

It's been 2 months since I last wrote. I apologize for the inactivity for the past months. My schedule and trips didn't permit me to write about the places I have been to.

Anyway, I will be picking up from where I left off in my last entry, and that was my 5 day trip around the Visayas and Mindanao areas. It began in the land of smiles, Bacolod in the island of Negros. Bacolod fills me with memories of only one thing: FOOD. Thus, my first stop was of course, Calea.

Perhaps everyone who has been to Bacolod has been to Calea, that once quaint bakeshop that has now grown twice its original size.

I was glad to see Calea has retained most of the sweet offerings they have been known for. I am a huge fan of their Concorde, as pictured below. The layers of rich chocolate and meringue are so addicting that this small slice is never enough.

But there's one thing that I keep craving for. The thought of Bacolod almost relates to this cake, the White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake. I once rated it as the best cheesecake in the country. Though my last serving wasn't quite as spectacular as before, I still enjoyed every bite of it.

There were other cakes and pastries that we tried out, but I couldn't remember their names. So here are their pictures. Maybe some of you can label them.

The ones above are profiteroles. I wasn't able to taste them anymore. The one below is an ice cream cake bar. Calea has a lot of ice cream cake offerings, and these weren't available when I last visited 2 years ago.

Anyway, dessert came first. We had lunch in Pendy's as recommended by my dear friend, Mich, who was from Bacolod.

The place has a nice ambience. I remember Pendy's to be like a roadside eatery. Now, it looks like a fine dining restaurant. Though the original Pendy's can still be seen at one area, the place still offers both Asian and International cuisine.

For dinner, we went to Baybay, which was inside the port of Bacolod. It looks like any seaside restaurant where natives bring their guests to.

I loved their Sinigang na Hipon, as the broth was cooked with real tamarind (sampaloc).

I also ordered Baked Scallops, a favorite of mine when I am in the Visayas. I still think Chika-an sa Cebu has the best baked scallops.

Finally, Baybay's specialty, the Sizzling Chicken. The gravy was rich and tasty, as you taste the goodness of butter.
For all those planning to go to Bacolod, better be prepared to pack in some pounds. With probably the friendliest people the country, it's impossible to not indulge in delicious feasts.


  1. papa rj, check out stk ta bay in cebu (near capitol site), honey knows where it is. i think their scallops are way better and cheaper than chika-an's.

  2. u must try Balaring, sea side food destination located at the city of Silay, 30 mins away from Bacolod. It is just near the New Bacolod-Silay Airport :)



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