Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Tagaytay Place

One Tagaytay Place may not be known to many, since the Genesis-managed hotel is located at the other ned of Aguinaldo Highway, on the way to Highlands. And there's really no clear signboard. So when we were looking for the hotel, we were keeping our eyes open.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heaven Found in Thunderbird Poro Point

From the South, all the way up North. Friends, let me take you to another spontaneous trip up the famous coasts of La Union, to a place that I called heaven for 2 days. That heaven is called Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point.

A Quick Trip to Saranggani

I'm a crazy traveler, and I think I have inspired others to follow my craziness. Hence, one day, when we were in Davao, our group decided to just head off spontaenously to Saranggani province, which is just 3 hours away. Well, think it's just Batangas if you're living in Davao, so it's not that bad.


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