Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Galaxy Macau

I have been moving in and out of Macau to go to HK recently because of Tiger Airways fantastic prices to Macau from Clark. For example, for this flight to Macau, I only paid P1,500. It was even more expensive to travel to Baguio because of the gas. So, Macau has been my entry point for my past visits to HK. However, when in Macau, who could resist the lure of their ever growing luxury hotels.

This time it was one of the newest complexes on the Cotai Strip - the Galaxy. When we were here for House of Dancing Water, I wanted to stay in the City of Dreams. But when I left, I promised myself to see the Galaxy.

And it was because from a first glance, it seemed grander and offered more than the City of Dreams. I think the Venetian is still the ultimate resort hotel with everything in it, but the Venetian is getting old already with all these new kids arriving. 

A night in the Galaxy will set you back at least P15,000 nett on weekends, but it can go down to P7,000 on weekdays. So, as a tip, avoid weekends when going to Macau. All the hotels double their prices on weekends, and even get fully booked.

As I entered the Galaxy, tall and beautiful ambassadors welcomed me. Of course, they were mostly Filipino. A huge circular fountain then transforms into a massive rising pillar to reveal one of the biggest diamond sculptures I have seen. Now that is what I call a grand entrance.

I checked in, with some difficulty because I used my debit card (HSBC failed to issue me my replacement credit card before I left). After a while, I was given my key and proceeded to the 18th floor. The hotel was spanking new, and the furnishings were still shimmering.

The room was huge as expected, but looked very comfortable. This was part of the Star World group, so one of their most likable traits is the scent of the room.

The bath was very well appointed, and opens up again to the room. It seems that this has been the standard in luxury rooms already. It's getting kind of boring if you ask me.

My favorite part of the room was the sitting nook by the bay window. The view was not as clear, since the glass was reflective, so when the light is strong, you don't get to see much of the outside.

I checked for the rest of the amenities and opened the refrigerator. I was surprised to see only a few drinks and snack items. So I called the front desk to ask if they were for free. And yes they were! There were 6 cans of drinks (soft drinks, juices and beer), a cup of instant noodles and a pack of peanuts. Perfect!

 After settling down, I went down to find a place to eat. I was to meet some friends soon, so I decided to explore the Galaxy's arcade as well. There was another lobby where a crystalline sculptures rose from the floor. They changed their color with the beat of the music, and dazzled with glittering effects and smoke.

The Galaxy has 2 arcades, the West and East Promenade. These housed the retail stores in the complex. There were around 20 restaurants in total, including the ones from the hotels.

The Galaxy also had within its walls the Bayan Tree Macau and Okura Hotel. So there are definitely more to experience here.

But I wasn't in the Galaxy for the rooms. I was here for something I saw in a brochure in a shuttle bus. Discover what it is on my next post!


  1. I totally love this place and have to visit again this coming December for holiday season with my family.

    Albergue Da Juventude

  2. last month we were here, and we love this place, there's n place like galaxy macau +++ casino :-)

  3. Loved the hotel totally ..its ambience is Fab. Tall ambassadors greeted us as we entered the hotel.. And those girls were really tall >6'3".
    Its surely worlds one of the top 5 hotels



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