Sunday, December 11, 2011

Around Camotes: Santiago Bay

When one mentions a beach in Camotes, one would probably say Santiago Bay. After visiting Timubo and Lake Danao, we decided to grab a snack at Santiago Bay Garden Resort, perched on the cliffside of Santiago Bay.

Santiago Bay Resort is also owned by Mangodlong Rock Resort, so these two resorts are essentially the most popular ones on Camotes. The resort was almost fully booked when we had a snack here.

The resort was well maintained, considering it's been one of the oldest resorts in Camotes. The deck (picture above) looks perfect for small events, like wedding receptions. There is also a pool below the deck, that overlooks the beautiful sea.

The views from the resort were excellent. And it is from this vantage point that you could witness the most famous image of Camotes, a panoramic view of Santiago Bay.

After devouring a satisfying pan of pizza, we headed down to the beach itself. It was located at the center of the baranggay (the baranggay hall was facing the beach even). 

There are huts and lounges for rent, but these look uncomfortable and dirty. In fact, the beach was littered with garbage and other debris. Our tour guide said that the trash came from Leyte. The sand was not that white as well, but the quality is close to that of Bantayan's. It is definitely not powder (Boracay quality) in all areas. 

What was amazing was how the bay receded its water as far as 200 meters from the shore during low tide.  This phenomenon reveals wave lines on the sand. The water may be clear, but again, you can pick up trash even as you go further out into the sea.

Santiago Bay is a public beach, and unless the government imposes measures to keep the surroundings clean, the beach will soon lose its natural beauty. The shoreline is beginning to look crowded, so I hope regulations come into place. Santiago Bay is a testimony of the potential of other beaches in Camotes, which I hope to visit in the near future.

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