Sunday, January 29, 2012

Citylight Hotel, Baguio City

Baguio City is an old tourist destination, which means, most budget hotels are also old. Recently, Baguio has undergone a transformation, with the opening of brand new boutique hotels and designer inns. Though still not at par with those in mountain retreats in Asia (Ubud, Chiang Mai, Cameroon), Baguio is slowly redefining itself as not just a summer capital, but a destination for the jet set.

One of the newer hotels (so new that it's still being finished) is Citylight Hotel. We were actually looking for cheap quality hotel after seeing the rates of Burnham Suites (not worth it). I checked in Agoda and saw the low rates of Citylight Hotel of P1,900 a night for their run of the house.

I was impressed when I entered their lobby. It was spacious and well decorated. It obviously looks like a business hotel, that it even reminded me of Mallberry in Cagayan de Oro.

I already gave my thumbs up when we entered and got attentive service from its staff. We arrived late at night, so we were the only ones around. There was a cafe near the entrance, and I was told, a bar in the second floor. Their restaurant was located at the end of the 1st floor.

I expected the room to be sparse given the rate, and that is what we got. It was still new, so we had no problem on cleanliness. But this was the type of room that would slowly decay after a couple of years. So I hope the hotel takes maintenance seriously. 

There was also no air-conditioning, which was not a problem at that time, but I would imagine one would need it during the summer season.

The room even had breakfast for two, and although it wasn't 5-star quality, it was sufficient. The hotel looked much better in daylight, as the sun's rays beamed on its high glass windows. 

Citylight Hotel is your typical new business class hotel, and it's a decent choice in Baguio. If you're after getting what your money is worth, then stay here. It is located near Session Road and SM Baguio, so one can even walk to these places. 


Citylight Hotel
245 Upper General Luna, Baguio City
+63 74 442 8080


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  2. Everybody loves a sweet deal. There is something about feeling smart in having picked up on one of these and grabbed the deal before others.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article about hotel in Baguio. We are planning to go there this coming February and we are looking what is the best hotels we can accommodate. Hopefully this Citylight Hotel is one of them.



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