Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Destressing at QiWellness Living

As I grow old, I have been looking for experiences that match my lifestyle. And since I consider myself to be a busy and multitasking entrepreneur, stress is no stranger to me. It fact, I have managed to absorb stress and release it in such as way that I do not have those panic attacks.

In cases that I cannot handle all the stress, I head to a spa for some much needed relaxation and release. And when I have the time, I try to make my way to a spa destination out of town, just to make the experience more worthy of my time. My go-to destination has always been Tagaytay, particularly Nurture Spa Village. However, I have been intrigued by this exclusive spa nestled at the center of Tagaytay. Friends, let us embark on a journey to wellness at the QiWellness Living Spa.

Just the same was cool enough to make me enter its imposing dark wood door.


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