Destressing at QiWellness Living

As I grow old, I have been looking for experiences that match my lifestyle. And since I consider myself to be a busy and multitasking entrepreneur, stress is no stranger to me. It fact, I have managed to absorb stress and release it in such as way that I do not have those panic attacks.

In cases that I cannot handle all the stress, I head to a spa for some much needed relaxation and release. And when I have the time, I try to make my way to a spa destination out of town, just to make the experience more worthy of my time. My go-to destination has always been Tagaytay, particularly Nurture Spa Village. However, I have been intrigued by this exclusive spa nestled at the center of Tagaytay. Friends, let us embark on a journey to wellness at the QiWellness Living Spa.

Just the same was cool enough to make me enter its imposing dark wood door.

The spa was not as big as I thought it would be, though the interiors were elegant and impressive. I would also say the spa had a simple oriental design, but the aura of the place was unmistakably luxurious.

The spas lower floor was called the Bathhouse, which had two dipping pools and lounge areas. Guests needed to have access to this floor to avail of the facilities.

Otherwise, you would be having your treatments at the same level as the Tea House. We got a muscle relaxing treatment (hard massage)

The Tea House is where fine cuisine every lunch and dinner. Take note, you need to reserve prior to your arrival. The menu is exquisite and contains 3 courses. Of course, not much choice, just the way fine cuisine should be presented. It is also quite pricey so budget around P3,500 for a dinner for two with drinks. But don't worry, this is a place that will make your dining experience unforgettable, especially at night when the fire pits are up.

Over-all, QiWellness Living was amazing. Our massage treatments were more than relaxing, but actually effective in relieving muscle pains. We never had the chance to eat real food except a sample of their dessert. And by that sole dish, I can almost judge the quality of their food. The verdict: I can't wait to go next weekend. No excuses.


QiWellness Living
Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Maharlika East, Tagaytay City, Philippines

+63 917 522 6969


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