Jugo Juice

I love sandwiches. And it sucks that in a country where rice is a staple, there aren't much sandwich bars around. I get most of my sandwiches from cafes. I am a loyal fan of Grilled Chicken Foccacia at Figaro and the Roast Chicken Chipotle at Coffee Bean. I have these sandwiches twice every week for my lunch or a heavy snack. So when I stumbled upon a new juice bar in Podium called Jugo Juice, I was absolutely thrilled to see that they served sandwiches and wraps that looked like those that I consume abroad. Jugo Juice is a smoothie bar, much like Fuzion. I don't know if it's a franchise or not, but the place was well designed and neat. There were sticker labels for their cups on display above the shelf.

I ordered the Jugo Classico (P135 for a small size). I forgot the contents of the drink but I remembered it had strawberries and peaches plus 3 more fruits I think. Angela got the Lemonade (P125).

Angela and I decided to share so we got two sandwiches, the Tuscany Wrap and the Chicken Caesar Sandwich. They were served in nice boxes, which you can easily take out. This is great for on-the-go people like me.

I loved their Chicken Caesar as it tasted like my favorite sandwich Chicken Mozarella that could be found in the sandwich bar beside Dairy Queen in the Bangkok International Airport. I was so ecstatic, I wanted more.

The Tuscany actually didn't taste like a Tuscan wrap, although it had a lot of tomatoes. It wasn't as good as the Chicken Caesar, but good enough. The wrap was also toasted and flattened that it looked like a flat sandwich.

In any case, I am still happy that more and more sandwich bars are mushrooming. I don't like Fuzion's menu so much, so Jugo Juice is most welcome in my list.

Jugo Juice is located at the Ground Floor of the Podium in Ortigas Center. It replaced Goodies and Sweets.


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