White Hat Craze!

As I've said, I've been a fan of frozen soft-serve yogurt for years now, and it's good that the craze is finally hitting the Philippines. Fro-Yo, as it is more popularly called, is a great alternative to ice cream and is a truly satisfying dessert. The best thing is, with the notion that it is "healthier", you can devour one without the guilt.

From FIC Ice Cream Bar, we move on to White Hat. Most consider White Hat to be the best fro-yo in town, so I decided to pass by while visiting an event venue in SM Mall of Asia. White Hat is located in front of Nike on the 2nd floor near SM Discovery Center and China Highlands Palace. Rotimum is also nearby, which I think is a great partner to the Fro-yo.

White Hat has two sizes, regular (P85) and large (P115). Toppings start at P20. The toppings are not that appetizing on display, hence I had a difficult time choosing. I was weary since the fruits looked canned. No fresh ones, so that was a disappointment. The selection wasn't as varied too. I wanted more toppings, like streusel and gourmet nuts. The selection was like more for kids.

I was happy that was green tea jelly so I paired that with almonds. For another cup, we paired mango and chocolate chips. I really had not much choice.

Despite all these, the frozen yogurt was excellent. It was silky and smooth and had the right tangy flavor that I thought was missing in FIC's version. Its sweetness was balanced. I gauge how much I like a frozen yogurt by consuming spoonfuls in quick succession. If the flavor is consistent, then it's good. Try it (finish your fro-yo fast, hehe), just make sure you have another cup on standby if ever it's good. I liked the fro-yo so much, I almost ignored the boring toppings. So I hope White Hat improves on that, and present options to its customers for combinations.

Thus, all in all, White Hat is a must visit place to chill out. It definitely won me over with its balance of flavor. You'll still taste true yogurt, that makes you crave for more.


  1. I peronally tried it and profess that The White Hat's toppings aren't "preserved" at all--the kiwi, strawberry and mango were freshly cut when i went there as a matter of fact. And their granola and cheesecake were even homemade! All in contrast to the preserved toppings all the rest have (Tasted Cold Spoon in Pampanga and all they got were candied fruits!) I sincerely think White Hat's toppings were great!My friends agree and the blogs confirm it too.

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