Idea Italia

When in Cebu, I try to eat in as many restos as possible. For some reason, this is the restaurant that I always go back to, probably because it's the safest and I'm always in Ayala. Idea Italia is located on the ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu, just near Oh! George, another nice place. They have a simple Italian menu. Their pastas are mostly of the normal stuff. Below is the Arrabiata.

I'm not a fan of their pizzas, but it's not bad. I just have tasted a lot of better ones (just tasted one of the best in Davao).

But, I am raving about my pasta dish, the pungent Gorgonzola. It was done perfectly, and I mean it. It had a right blend of pungency in the cheese, saltiness and creaminess. And the pasta was aldente. I had the pasta changed to linguini, instead of penne. That may have brought out the flavor more.

So, when in Cebu, come to Idea Italia. Have a nice meal with a nice glass of wine in a convenient location.


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