The Stock Market

The word is out, it's the newest kid on the block. When someone tipped me about this bright new restaurant on High Street, I simply couldn't resist. The next thing I knew, I ended up in this much talked about resto after a week of opening. The name, appropriate for the times, the Stock Market.

As you can see above, the place is indeed charming. I love the brightness, the white and green scheme. It was a refreshing place. Owned by Del Monte and managed by the group who operates TOSH, I was again excited to try good food. We came in late, almost 10PM for dinner. The menu was short and items were quite pricey. To start, we ordered this flatbread pizza with arugula and smoked salmon. It was surprised that it came out tiny, just good for one. the crust was thin, but not that crispy. The smoked salmon was good though, and who could go wrong with the nutty flavor of the arugula.

The first entree was the Smothered Pork Chops with Mashed Sweet Potatoes. I was drawn to this dish because of two words, smothered and sweet potatoes. Look at the picture and tell me what's wrong. Yes, no sweet potatoes. And I wonder why they called it smothered, when it wasn't. The "sweet potatoes" were on the side. You could taste the pineapple factor in the dish.

The next dish was the Cobbler Pie of Seared Steak, Mushrooms and Braised Vegetables. It was a deconstructed English beef pot pie, reminiscent of the pies from Bag of Beans. The beef was tender making it the best dish so far. I enjoyed the pastry as well, and the braised vegetables.

Finally, we ordered a pasta dish that we had them whip up. There were only 4 or 5 pasta dishes, and we wanted something with olive oil, tomatoes, capers and more olives. Yes, much like arrabiata. They had one made which was nice of them to accommodate.

Stock Market also had pineapple ice tea, which surprisingly, didn't have a distinct pineapple flavor but just a hint. The dessert that we tried was the Cornmeal Bread Pudding with Whiskey Caramel Sauce. It was the choice of my friend, and I wanted something else. But since the desserts were expensive, we settled for just one. I didn't want bread pudding though. Fortunately it turned out to the the best dish of them all. This bread pudding was moist, was topped with vanilla ice cream. The caramel sauce was perfectly bittersweet.

The Stock Market is definitely a welcome addition to the rather boring selection in Boni High Street. I still think New Orleans serves the best dishes. Currently, the Stock Market are offering a 20% discount as a soft opening promo. I was happy to have a huge discount. A girl approached us asking about our experience and was soliciting for comments. I don't know if she was an owner or partner, but we told her our verdict anyway. Again, another OK restaurant. I praised the ambience and the dessert. The menu could improve and given their pineapple proposition, could be even more distinct. Maybe after their grand opening, things will get better. I would definitely go back again.


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