Angel's Kitchen

I now have a new favorite. It's located along Connecticut St in Greenhills, just after Belomed. The name of the place is Angel's Kitchen. Though not a newcomer (it's been here since last year), I was only able to visit the place when we planned a get together dinner with friends. We were supposed to go to Chilis, but when I passed by Angel's, I immediately stopped in front of it, and asked if there were still seats. Fortunately, a group was leaving, so I texted everyone about the change in venue.

The restaurant was packed, well, it was not that big anyway. It reminded me of Conti's. Of course, it had a home feel, making it perfect for families and friends (of our age). I was excited to see the menu. We ordered I think every signature dish, except for the lamb ribs. So, let's take them one at a time. The first dish here is the Mandarin Chicken. To me, this was the worst of all, but don't me wrong. It was average. I started with the worst among what we ordered for a climactic effect.

The dish below is the Crispy and Steamed Fish, a breaded fillet that is steamed first then lightly battered and fried to give it a crispy crust. It was drenched in a mirin kind of sauce giving it a Japanese taste. It was okay, very light and refreshing. I thought that it didn't achieve much in the crispiness though.

Their Longanisa Pasta was a surprise. It tasted more like a great bolognese rather than a native dish. The longanisa tasted great, and the even if it was called a bolognese, I would still enjoy it. It was just seasoned so well, to give it a balanced flavor.

Then came the Grilled Tocino with Tinapa Rice. Now, this was such a comforting dish. It just takes you back to Lola's cooking. The tocino had a great smokey taste (from the grilling), which I thought was very unique. This made me love tocino even more. The tinapa rice complemented the sweetness of the tocino. Everyone just digged in till the dish vaporized.

Then, supposedly, the star of the menu, the Lechon Kawali with Pinakbet Rice and Chocolate Bagoong. We ordered this first, as it sounded very interesting. It did not disappoint. I crave for lechon kawali, and this satisfied me a lot. The pinakbet rice was excellent, with all the flavors of vegetables blending in harmony. The chocolate bagoong added that twist, though, I thought it was more of a gimmick to the dish, rather than something that enhanced it.

We ordered dessert, and we got three kinds. They had a lot of choices for cakes, so it was difficult to decide. The Choco Lava Cake was recommended to us, so we got it without hesitation. It had a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, which I thought was wise, as a lava cake is really best eaten with cream. You get more of the ice cream, since the cake was already strong in flavor. Yum.

Being a fan of banana cream pies, I had to order their version. Some enjoyed it, but I still like the one from Starbucks more.

And as you can see in the picture, there was this last dessert, the Oreo Cheesecake, one of the greatest discoveries this year. Initially, I was hesitant in getting it, since it was just oreo cheesecake. But everyone wanted it, so we went ahead in ordering. I was digging in the banana cream pie, when all of my friends became quiet. I noticed they were devouring the oreo cheesecake in a brief silence. Then came the exultation. They drove my fork to the cake and I had a taste. And wow. I was blown away. It was more of whipped cream sandwich between an oreo crust. It was heaven. And heaven can be bought, so we ordered another one again (something we never do). It was that good.

All in all, I was ecstatic with the experience. It was great having this meal with friends, in a cozy environment with superb food. I highly recommend Angel's Kitchen to everyone.


  1. the orange chicken is actually my favorite in angel's kitchen.:)

  2. everything in AK is good eating..saw KC Concepcion(a few times) and Pres. Aquino w/ family there. i think their banana cream pie is THE best. i hate over-sweet desserts and in AK, tama lang!



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