The Villas of Bellarocca

Perhaps the most compelling reason for you to go to Bellarocca are their villas - stunning, gorgeous, like a house for the gods. Named after greek gods, these villas are worth P50,000 a night, but we only paid P25,000 for each, after being upgraded. So, call us lucky and all, but our experience would not be the same if we didn't stay in these hedonistic dens.

Since we were a group of 18, we booked 6 villas in all, some had two-bedrooms, while the rest had only one. The villa above is our villa, Zeus, a two-bedroom suite with one of the most breathtaking views of the Sibuyan Sea.

It came with a 4-meter lap pool and a separate jacuzzi. When I first entered, I didn't know how to react. I wandered over to a balcony, which was connected to a bedroom. We immediately seized that room, knowing it had a great view. And it was the only bedroom among all the six that had a balcony like that.

The bedroom was large, with a huge king size bed. The sheets were very comfortable and spotless.

But what made my jaw drop was the bathroom.

They threw in a another jacuzzi tub, for more privacy. I wondered why they even bothered to put another room, which looked like it was for kids. The other room had the same bathroom set-up, but with two twins beds.

The kitchen and living area was detached from the bedrooms, to give it that villa feel. That area wasn't as impressive though. It looked like it can be found in any other home.

I can't stop raving about our views. It really made you feel you weren't in the Philippines. You were in Marinduque, and you can see small fishing boats crossing every now and then, but the atmosphere was different. It was peaceful and calm, very far away from anything you would associate the Philippines with.

I now move along to the other villas, all of which are differently designed. Each has its own character too. Like for instance, the wonderfully designed staircase above is located in the villa Hermes. It was a two-story villa, with a bedroom in both floors. It had more of an apartment feel because of this.

It also had a nice view of the mountains of Marinduque as it faced towards the island. The pool is also shaped differently. I was thinking this was more for a laid back couple, or a group of friends who just want to chill out.

Villa Eden is a one-bedroom villa with these signature beach pods. These lounge beds are so comfortable and actually rotates so you can face it anywhere. Villa Eden is for the relaxed couple as well, probably for an older set.

It also has a nice pool, quite smaller though than ours (Villa Zeus). There was a tree above the pool, so I was imaging that leaves fall to the pool once in a while.

The movie theater above can be located in Villa Valhalla. This was a party suite, with a large pool enough to accommodate 18 wild and drunken souls. I could see a rockstar rent this villa.

Now, we also took a tour of the Presidential Villa (picture above) that will set you back USD4,000 when it is completed. Yes, that's almost P200,000. Well, seeing it won't hurt anyway, and I primarily made the effort because I knew the view would be perfect. And it was. On top of the 400 sqm villa was a roof deck where one can hold a party for almost 100 guests. It was also the highest point of the island, hence, you see everything from up there.

The Presidential Villa is definitely way over our resources. It is meant for those rich and powerful who don't really care where their money goes. It has 4 bedrooms, a theater room, a huge living area, a furnished kitchen and of course, a pool, all housed in 3 floors.

Now, I didn't get to take a picture of the other two villas. One was Villa Neptune, another party suite, with a split type configuration, similar to villa Zeus, but with the pool in the middle. The villas of Bellarocca are not what I call luxurious, but gorgeous. The prices may be too high for the average or even the rich set of Manila, so I hope they lower the rates. I guess P30,000 a night would be sufficient. They would get more guests this way. Besides, this is the ONLY place in the country, that offers this experience. Perched along the cliffs of the magnificent Elephant island, the villas of Bellarocca are worth spending for, at least once in your life.


  1. Hi RJ,

    Nice pictures! =) do you have a menu of their food? is it good? what's the price range like?


    Tessa =)

  2. Don't have a menu. Their food is above average, so it's safe, not really special, but at least not bad. I love their bacon, the crispiest and thinnest I've ever tasted. Prices are on the 5-star hotel range, so expensive.

  3. how much per night for just a room?and is there any recreational facility?

    -jaybee gongon


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