Alexandre: French Cafe and Bakery

It was almost 4 months ago when I first stepped into a newly opened French cafe and bakery for a meeting with a client. The place was called Alexandre located at the ground floor of the Grand Hamptons condominium in Fort Bonifacio.

Ever since, I have been retreating to this sophisticated yet surprisingly comfy cafe for an afternoon of catching up with work. One time, I decided to take pictures of the place, but at night, after a hearty dinner at Eat Well in Net Cube.

The place is owned by a french guy I guess, or a Belgian, who is always there. The staff are pleasant and very accommodating, probably because most of their guests are foreigners. I have never been to this place without seeing foreigners buy some bread, sip coffee, or enjoy their pastries. It really seems that they have marketed well to expats living nearby.

Their selection of pastries and bread is not extensive. Around a dozen kinds of pastries are displayed in a glass shelf, all looking so appetizing. For some reason, I never cared what the bestseller was. I usually come here to order my iced latte, and whatever I feel like eating on their menu, may it be crepe, croissant, quiches, or sandwiches.

I like their croque monsieur, though I find it a bit expensive. In fact, their quiches cost P390 - way expensive I think. Their food is not that excellent as well, but you wouldn't be disappointed.

So what makes me come back again and again? Well, obviously, it's the ambience. This place is a case where the atmosphere succeeds in making people feel they are paying more for the ambience than for the food. Don't get me wrong, the food is not bad as I've said. I actually like their plain crepes and egg tarts. The sophisticated interior rakes in a beautiful crowd as well, and lounging here is a joy.

Alexandre tranforms when night falls, and the place can get packed with party goers waiting for the stroke of midnight before hitting the clubs. All in all, Alexandre is also a great place where friends can chill out. I've been here more times in the afternoon though, where the people are more quiet, reading a book, surfing the internet, or just passing a lazy day by. That's why it's the best place for me to work. Free internet, cozy place, good coffee, and peaceful.


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