Purimas Boutique Resort

This resort made me fall in love with Lombok. And I wasn't supposed to stay here. Because I missed my flight to Bali, a lot of changes were made, and all of them, fortunately turned out for the better. This resort is probably one of the best I have stayed in. Friends, welcome to Purimas Boutique Resort in Senggigi, Lombok Island, Indonesia.

I wasn't really expecting much from the resort, since I made the booking at the last minute, and I was torn between a lot of other resorts. I was supposed to stay in Quincy Villas but a report told me that the rooms were already worn out, and not as pictured in their website. So I took my chances and booked the best value room I could find. That was how I discovered Purimas.

I was really in for a surprise. My room cost only P2,100 (USD 45) and I didn't expect to check in something like this:

and sleep in a bed like this:

and shower in a bath like this.

I didn't even show you the terrace and the day bed inside the room (that makes 2 beds inside the room).

I settled in and did some research on my trip to the Gilis because there was free internet. Afterwards, I strolled around the resort since the room was near the entrance, and I hadn't seen nothing yet. I stopped at the restaurant to grab lunch.

I was also served a welcome drink, which was the greatest pineapple juice I had. I'm not a fan of pineapple, but this made me order pineapple juices and shakes once again.

I strolled some more towards the pool area, though it was raining. There were cabanas facing the sea where one can chill out.

There were also villas in the resort. It really has become a staple in resort accommodations. I wonder when the Philippines will catch up with this trend. Anyway, the Sunset Villa in Purimas was both modern and traditional. I remember spending my days in a villa in Bali last year.

There was a beach lounge just in front of the villa, but these can be used by all guests.

And finally the infinity pool. Purimas makes everything look very relaxed, hence the guests all look calm and peaceful. Oh, they don't allow children here, which adds to the serenity of the place. I guess they're one of those resorts targeted for honeymooners and all.

Their food was also excellent. I never left the resort for my 2 night stay there. I practically ordered everything in their menu. It was a mix of international and Indonesian cuisine. Lombok cuisine was known for their spicy additions to traditional Indonesia fare.

The resort was surprisingly huge. I saw a "mansion" villa at the back of the pool area. Turns out, that it was the residence of the owner - their own villa. It is also being rented out whenever they are not around. Prices of the villas range from USD 250 to 600 per night, which is again, not bad - considering the prices we have here.

The resort transforms at night, and becomes this hip and edgy boutique resort. During the daytime, everything seems like a scene from heaven, so there's a stark contrast.

But what I loved the most of course, is the service. I couldn't remember their names, but the resort staff welcomed me like I was part of their family. They were energetic, courteous, very pleasant and well-mannered. It's either they're well-trained or the people of Lombok are truly very friendly and hospitable.

You don't go to Purimas for the beach. You don't go to Purimas to pass some time. You go here to live life again, relax and recharge yourself. Purimas has given me the best value resort experience ever. Imagine, my entire bill was just P7,500 and I ate and ate and ordered. Plus the two nights in that beautiful and comfortable room. I met the owner and praised him with glee. I will definitely be back, to share the experience to more people.

Jl. Raya, Mangsit Beach, Senggigi, Lombok NTB, Indonesia

Tel: + 62 370 693 831
Fax:+ 62 370 693 023


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