Heaven Found in Thunderbird Poro Point

From the South, all the way up North. Friends, let me take you to another spontaneous trip up the famous coasts of La Union, to a place that I called heaven for 2 days. That heaven is called Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point.

Honestly, I was expecting much from Thunderbird, since I've heard that the service there wasn't good and that it was trying to be Bellaroca, even if it opened first.

I was expecting an above average type of accommodation, bordering on luxurious, given the marketing strategy it promotes. They use Cobonpue's works in their lobby, which gives it a Filipino touch. I really think the Greek and Filipino beach designs blend well.

I asked for their rates and fortunately, they had a promo of P6,000 net per night for two with breakfast. I said, well, not too bad. It was expensive, but after seeing the room, I thought, well it was kind of worth it.

So we checked in, found these two huge queen size beds. The room was spacious, and had free wifi, which is always a plus for me.

The bathroom was huge as well - too huge in fact that it had empty spaces. There was a rainfall shower enclosed in clear glass.

But this is probably why I thought the room was perfect - its view. Overlooking the South China Sea, all rooms of Thunderbird, especially on the upper floors, had sweeping views of the sea. Thunderbird is already located on top of a hill, so that gives it a very nice elevation.

There was even a viewing deck beside our room, which I wish had a lounge for the nearby guests to sit on as well.

And of course, since it's Santorini inspired, the white splash looked amazing against the clear blue sky. The plain facade and geometric lines of the building was reminiscent of my stay in Bellaroca.

I just had to take this picture of the roof of the resort. I wonder if they plan to do something here, since it can be converted to an event venue as well, since most of their events happen in this space below:

This is the main promenade of the resort, just next to the lobby and reception. It's where weddings are usually held. Again, it has sweeping views of the sea and the pool down below.

I think they only had one restaurant. We didn't eat dinner here, since we found the menu expensive and not as interesting. I planned though to order their pizza. We had our breakfast here the next day.

We went down to the pool area, which was also very attractive. It was all blue and white still, and we were very fortunate that we were the only guests at that time in the pool. But of course, we're not pool people. We're beach addicts. And this is what we saw.

The sand wasn't fine, and the shore was rocky, but being the only visitors made everything perfect.

There was also this gorgeous garden area on the edge of the beach, which had a nice promenade. There were beach lounges on the green grass, where one can spend an entire quiet afternoon in ultimate relaxation.

I guess we were fortunate to be one of the few guests of the resort. This was a day before a storm arrived in this part of the country. We spent our remaining hours on the resort in the pool, having some cocktails and beers.

All in all, I loved our experience at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point. The sprawling development is still yet to be finished with villas to be built and a golf course. I just wished it was closer to Manila, so we could experience affordable luxury as often as we can. Another great find up north.

Thunderbird Poro Point
VOA Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue
San Fernando City, La Union
Philippines 2500

Tel. No.: (+6372) 888-7777


  1. I think the furnitures are not by Kenneth Cobonpue. There's another restaurant at Fiesta Casino which is the Vegas Cafe. Our stay at Thunderbird Resorts was relaxing and really loved the view.

  2. ano po name nung girl sa pic?

  3. Wow! This place looks very wonderful and peaceful! Hope this place will open soon!

  4. I have yet to visit Poro Point, it looks cool as I've seen on photos. I did get to be invited in their Rizal Resort though. I hope one day I'd get to be invited there too. hehe


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