Marcia Adams in Tagaytay

I love Tagaytay because I love to eat. With its relaxing setting and cool climate, no wonder a day trip to Tagaytay is such a temptation for those living in Manila. My most recent visit was in Marcia Adams, not a new restaurant, but it's jut one of the places that I haven't tried.

Tuscany is the inspiration for this quaint villa type restaurant, that known for home cooked specials. Once you pass through the gates, you will have to make yourself through a narrow path full of foliage.

The best spot for me in the restaurant is this corner, past the main dining area. It's a small room with two tables.

I'm writing this post almost 3 months after my visit, so I would have to pass on the details of the food. We ordered these unique drinks, a bottle of ginger beer and a peach refresher.

So now, for the food. I've heard good to moderate reviews about the place, so I wasn't expecting spectacular. The menu was very short, which was good and expected for a quaint place.

This soup was not seasoned well. It was leaning towards flavorless. I liked the potato chunks though. This appetizer was uninspiring for me. It was presented well, but tasted like any normal shrimp cocktail. I hoped they presented it in a more rustic way.

My colleague ordered the chicken kebabs, which wasn't really a specialty. I had a bite of the dish, and found the yogurt marinate too overpowering. It was the worst dish we had here.

This chop of pork is the best though that we ordered. It came with a special kind of rice (pardon again the lack of detail). Marcia should create more dishes like these, country style goodness.

There was one more dish but I just forgot what it was. Finally, the desserts were served. The best one was the guava dessert. The panacotta was plain and boring. But the surprise was the banana fritters. They were served like french fries. And the surprise was disappointing. It was served with a chocolate sauce, that didn't help in enhancing the flavor.

After this, you may think that I hated Marcia Adams. Although I wasn't THAT happy with the food, I thought the place just needed a second visit. We were entertained by Marcia herself, who was very pleasant and accommodating. We called an hour before to make a reservation, and they still gave it to us (some Tagaytay restaurants buy their ingredients based on their expected number of guests, so you can't really just walk in). I still enjoyed my meal, but wished for more. So, to reserve a spot in Marcia Adams, call her at 0917 801 1456.


  1. You should have (also) tried Marcia's (reduced) port wine sauce. It goes well with plantain fritters. My co-author, Dr. Thompson, prefers the choco dip. I love both! YUMMY.

  2. Ano meron dun sa bote? Hmm parang ang sarap magkamay

    Boracay Resorts

  3. How much are their food and drinks?


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