The Misibis Bay Escape: Part 2

Despite all my criticisms on the resort's design and food, we still managed to have a good time in Misibis Bay. And as they say, you really go to Misibis Bay to enjoy their activities. "Activities" are all the things you can do in the resort, most of which are for free!

The non-motorized water sports are the attractions here. Just like Shangri-la Mactan, Misibis Bay offers a wide array of water activities on their beach. Our favorite are those that are unique to this resort, wind surfing and hobbie cat sailing.

We also took the ATV ride up to the Cagraray Island Adventure Park. We rode a dual seat ATV since my daughter wasn't allowed to drive one on her own yet. So, I drove this piece of heavy machinery across the winding roads of Misibis Bay, towards the other side of the island which revealed a beautiful backdrop of Mt. Mayon.

We arrived at the Adventure Park which was on top of a hill. There was an obstacle course that is probably popular with companies. We climbed to the top of the course and prepared to do the zip line. And yes, this was also free.

The zip line was quite long, though slow. It was probably 250 meters long, and the ride down took at least 15 seconds. We were actually asked if we wanted to go down the line again, but we were already exhausted. We rode our ATV and passed by the imposing chapel nearby.

The glass walled chapel was meant for weddings. It was closed when we visited, so we weren't able to get a clear look inside. But from what I saw, the interior was modern and minimalist, but still with a nice design. As I've said, it was really meant for weddings.

On the way out of the park, we took the standard photo in the amphitheater. Our guide told us that this was the pitstop for the Amazing Race Asia 3 Philippine leg. With Mount Mayon peeking in a distance and the glistening sea showing off its tranquility, the amphitheater was indeed a unique site.

We weren't done though, and our guide took us to the area where guests can snorkel. The waves were quite rough that time, and we didn't bring any gear, so we weren't able to see what was down below.

We went back to the resort just in time to catch the sunset on the beach. We tried to windsurf again, since we kind of got bitten by the sport. The wind was still uncooperative, so our ride was uneventful. We asked the staff to set up our dinner outside since it was our last night. Though the food was still not pleasant, at least, the dinner was a perfect way to end our stay.

Misibis Bay definitely gave me mixed reactions, and I was quite frustrated that the resort had some flaws. And these flaws are a result of bad management. I do hope Misibis Bay fixes their menu, change their chefs, and start checking the quality of their facilities. I admire Misibis Bay's courage to build tourism in an unknown island in the Bicol region and this is why I was frustrated. In the end, I still enjoyed my stay mostly because of the free activities. But the money I paid wasn't worth the luxury they were selling. They should just call themselves, Your Island Playground.

Misibis Bay 
Cagraray Island, Bacacay 
Albay Province Bicol
Phone: (63 52) 821.3800
Fax: (63 52) 487.1540

Manila Sales and Reservations
Phone: (63 2) 661.8888 (63 2) 666.4790
Fax: (63 2) 470.3607


  1. looks like cloudy day. i want to go here too.

  2. hi sir it's me again, may I know if misibis accepts credit card payment for meals and/or for other services they offer?

  3. of course they do accept credit card payments for the meals. you can also charge all your activities to your final bill.

  4. thanks sir, just asking... it's always better to be sure than sorry ^_^

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