Vil Uyana: The Sri Lankan Diaries

After that mind blowing experience in Sigiriya, only one thing was on our mind: FOOD. We managed to pass by a resort that looked posh and interesting. So, we inquired at their gates and were allowed entry. The resort was called Vil Uyana.

Vil Uyana is part of the Jetwing Group, which has several properties in Sri Lanka. Upon entering their reception area, I discovered that the resort is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. This made my expectations shoot up. But I wasn't disappointed. 

From the reception area, I passed though a small opening that led to a floating path on a lily pond. The path led to a dimly lit pavilion and infinity pool that looked stunning. I was so amazed with the resort's design and how peacefully luxurious it was.

Vil Uyana has three types of accommodations or dwelling as they call them in 3 locations in their property: marsh, paddy and forest. There are also some standard rooms in a separate building, but when you are here, better stay in one of the dwellings, which are detached cottages. 

I wish I could also see the rooms inside, but we were here for dinner only. I was taunting Paulo and Tala to move here for the night, as I was spellbound with its beauty.

On the second floor of the pavilion was their main restaurant, the Apsara. I was immediately drawn to the wall at the end of the dining hall, that was decorated with drawings that were similar to those I saw etched on Sigiriya's edge. 

I was too excited with the food, that I just ordered the first thing that got my attention. I ordered my first Sri Lankan meal, which came out as a buffet of spices, sauces and appetizers. The meal that was served was the staple in most Sri Lankan homes, so I am really getting what Sri Lankans eat on a day to day basis.

Though flavor wise, the food was good, I came to the conclusion that I am not a fan of Sri Lankan food. It was like Indian food, but I still found the flavors lacking. And I didn't like the combinations that much. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed trying each of the small dishes served and analyzing the ingredients. 

We ended the night with a couple of wine glasses on hand, naturally high with a relaxed feeling that Vil Uyana exudes. I'm also pretty sure it will be as stunning in the day light. Our trip to Sigiriya was perfectly capped off in this beautiful resort, set in the middle of rice paddies, marshes and even a forest. 


Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Telephone: +94 66 4923585-6Fax: +94 66 2286005


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