Nurture Spa and Resort Village

I remember my first time in Nurture way back 3 years ago. Or even more. I usually just go here to get a massage as it is known for that. Well, recently, I made my way back to the spa and discovered a whole lot more.

The Nurture Spa and Resort Village, as now it's called, has gone a long way from being the place to go to for a massage in Tagaytay. Situated in a tucked away part of Tagaytay , the spa village has transformed from just being a spa. 

I was really in for a treat, since I was only here for a massage. But shoe we were waiting for our treatment, we were toured by our receptionist around the resort. 

It now has a small pool, which I thought was useless, since it was really very small. But what got me going was seeing this type of accommodation:

Yes, it was a tent. Glamping as it is called. And besides the tent was a cozy looking bonfire spot, perfect for roasting marshmallows in the night. That setting got me so excited that I wished I was staying in. 

The receptionist then took us to their newly built cabanas, which were luxuriously appointed. It had a cozy bay window that overlooked the lush gardens. I can imagine sitting all day reading a book by this window.

The cabana also reminded me of The Farm, as it also had a separate massage area just below the room. Oh, this was because each room came with a free massage for two.

 We walked on inward to our massage room. We saw some of the old rooms that Nurture had before, and they were still okay. I assumed they were also renovated to give it modern comforts with a rustic feel.

We were asked to wait at these lovely open-air cabanas that reminded me so much of Ubud in Bali. I just looked out into the tropical foliage and stared until the receptionist broke the silence.

Needless to say, the massage was excellent. We were in pure bliss for about an hour. It was really one of the best massages I had in recent memory. As we were led back to the entrance, I already booked a night for the next month. The thought of coming back to stay at one of the tents just excited me more. 


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