A Whole New World

So it's the last day of the year. Funny how time flies these days. You really don't feel the change. My last blog post was on July, and it seems that waking up today still felt like it was July. Well it's the last day of the year and 5 months have passed. I'm pretty sure a lot has changed - a lot has happened. But why don't we feel different?

Realizing I was falling into some sort of routine, where life seems normal and dull, I set out on a journey that would bring back the explorer in me. You see, I am that kind of guy - never wanting to settle, never wanting to be contented with what I have. Some may think it's wrong and could potentially lead to some sort of unhappiness, but I think otherwise.

Exploring keeps me alive. It's seeing new things, breathing the air from different places, meeting unfamiliar people and actually making connections with them. It's that sort of living that makes me feel different every morning I wake up.

Earlier, I climbed the otherworldly landscapes of the Mushroom Valley in Capadoccia, Turkey. I broke away from the crowd and set off higher, eventually reaching a height that made me feel as free as a bird. It was the most amazing thing I have done this year.

So I ask all of you, would you rather settle on the ground with the crowd or break away and widen your world. There will always be A WHOLE NEW WORLD out there. So get out and explore.

Another year. Another journey. The Island Explorer is back.


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