2015 Travel Target

2015 was lean season for me in travel especially in the local scene. I have made more international trips though last year and continued to visit Hong Kong, my world's top city and Singapore, my second home. Though Boracay was a hit for me last year, Puerto Galera proved to be the surprise winner.

This year, I plan to visit more local destinations, beginning with what is becoming to be a yearly tradition that is the Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival in Puerto Galera. I am not anticipating 2015 to be travel intense though, as I am also expecting a big change in my life this year. So, without further ado, here is my list, the destinations that I will try my best to visit in 2015.

The Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival
Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera continues to attract me this year, and for the next years as long as the Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival will be held there. Well, it wouldn't be called Malasimbo if it wasn't. Now on it's 5th year, this eclectic festival offers so much more than the usual pop or EDM festival. It's a whole experience all together. And with Aninuan and White Beach as your home base. What more can you ask for? Just come and see. You won't regret it.

Future Music Festival Asia (aka FMFA 2015)

Another festival at the early part of the year is the largest music fest in Southeast Asia. I was there in KL last year, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Day 3 of the festival was cancelled. And that day had the biggest line up. Too bad for the 50,000 revellers who came all the way from different parts of the world to witness a festival that sees a mix of both pop and EDM. This year, they have moved their home to Singapore - which makes it more irresistible. See you there!

Dinagat Islands

I have three provinces left to visit before I can say I have conquered the Philippines. One of those provinces is one of the newest of the country - Dinagat Islands. To get here, one has to go to Surigao City, where countless ferries await to the small island province that boasts of stunning secluded beaches such as Bitaog Beach (picture shown).

South Korea

In Asia, there are a handful of countries that I haven't been to. One of them is South Korea. I have been rejected before for a Korean visa, because I forgot to include my ticket. Ever since, I have never been compelled to visit the progressive nation. Now, I wish to go when it's winter time, so I can visit their famous ski resorts as well like Yongpyong.

photo by accommodation.com

The U.S.A.

So I've written it down, which means I have to make it happen. I will go to the US probably early (April) or late this year (November). So friends from California, New York and of course, Ohio, prepare for my coming. Places to see: Hollywood, Vegas, Bryce Canyon and the Yellowstone National Park.

photo by en.wikipedia.org

The Palawan Backpack Circuit

This trip which commences in Puerto Princesa and ends in El Nido is one I have been dying to take for a long time. To do this, one needs at least 4 days to travel the stretch to Northern Palawan, passing by San Vicente and Port Barton. I have been to El Nido several times, but not to its charming town which I hear is radiating a strong backpacker vibe. My kind of trip.


It was a toss up between Turkey and Madagascar for my 2014 holiday trip. Turkey won just because it gave me a visa in less than an hour after I applied online. I also couldn't find tickets to Madagascar from Bangkok which supposedly had a direct flight to the largest island in Africa and the 4th largest in the world. With over 90% of its wildlife found no where else in the planet, a trip here will surely be an exotic roller coaster ride.

photo by bbc.com


Another destination that I had planned to go to in 2014 was Sorsogon. I've heard so much about the beautiful boat trips on Bulusan Lake and the idyllic Subic Beach in Matnog. Add to that a snorkelling trip to see the whale sharks at Donsol. And with new promising resorts, like Sirangan Beach Resrt and Siama,  making their debuts, there is no excuse to visit the last of the Bicol provinces.

Mt. Pulag

Since the Mountain Explorer was born this year, it is only fitting to climb one of the most popular peaks of the country - Mt. Pulag. I am just purely excited to witness the sea of clouds during sunrise. I just hope climbing in the Philippines is more fun than in other countries!

photo by unemployedpinoys.com


This is my travel wild card this year. I have been so intrigued with the Middle East that my interest for it continues to flourish. This year, I want to go to Oman, which is just beside the UAE. Its promise of be the best kept secret of the Middle East has truly captured my attention. And did I say they have fabulous beaches. In fact, it also plays host to one of my to-die-for resorts, Six Senses Zighy Bay.


So there you have it. You know where I will strive to arrive this 2015. If you wanna go to one of my trip, just let me know. Good company always makes a trip unforgettable. So till then, strive to travel more!


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