Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FIC Ice Cream Bar Crave!

After eating at Manang's (yes, the timeless Ateneo College food spot), we had this sudden craving for ice cream. I was headed back to the office in Ortigas, so I figured, why not make it the best time to try FIC Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell (a bit out of the way I know, but I really wanted to visit this place a long time ago).

FIC Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell is located at the shops a the ground floor of Joya, one of the newest condos there. The place is bright and cheerful with its white interiors. It really does look like an ice cream bar from childhood. I am a fan of FIC Ice Cream, especially its green tea ice cream which I think is my most commercially favorite ice cream. Serve it, I'll ask for more. FIC has really stepped up its presence by opening this place and I must say, I just want to congratulate the owners. I have no other thing to say but this place is perfect.

Seeing the menu will make your mouth water instantly. I wanted this and that, seeing the fantastic ice cream shots. We settled for a cup of Frozen Yogurt with Granola, Peaches and Chocolate Chips. Even before the Fro-Yo craze hit town, I was already obsessing about it, so when it came here, I was ecstatic. It came to a point that I even wanted to bring it here 3 years ago. Well, now, they're everywhere. FIC joined in the game, and it tasted like White Hat (so far the best Fro-Yo in town), though this had less of the sour taste. So, it works well. Mix in the peaches, crunchy granola and soft chocolate chips, you're in heaven. You could practically finish a whole serving, of course, knowing it's healthier (without the chocolate).

But for me, the star of the afternoon was the Banana Caramel Crunch. It's the one on the first pages of the menu. It had caramel oozing on top of luscious vanilla and butterscotch ice cream, with a surprise of pastillas, streusel and fresh banana of course. I am craving at this moment just describing the signature concoction. It costs P220, but this is meant to be shared. In my case, I didn't.

I went back after 2 weeks with my family and tasted a different mix for my Fro-Yo (had granola, streusel and mango). The mango was disappointing though, since it was sour. But the Fro-Yo was still excellent.

I had my sister try the Strawberry Shortcake (more expensive at P270), strawberry and vanilla ice cream with a core of sponge cake cubes and streusel and topped with strawberry syrup. It was okay, but having the Banana Caramel Crunch again reinforced my favorite.

I can't help but rave about this ice cream parlor after visiting so much ice cream bars in Thailand (I-Berry, New Zealand, Fudge Factory, Baskin and Robbins, etc.). I think FIC can improve more on its other concoctions and make their quality more consistent. But beyond that, there's on their way. And it's proudly Filipino.


  1. Hi RJ, came across your blog. Thanks for your insightful comments! I can tell that you love ice cream and do know your stuff! Feel free to send us any comments or suggestions at theicecreambar@yahoo.com. Hope to see you in the store soon.

    Joanna Francisco
    Marketing Manager, Ice Cream Bar

  2. Have you had Coldstone ice cream??!

  3. Yup, but I really don't like mashing up ice cream. I am more of the plain flavor guy, who indulges in toppings and syrup.

  4. Hi papa i am craving Ice Cream right now!!!!!



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