Leona Art Restaurant

Ok, the name attracts. It works. Put art in the name and the restaurant instantly charms. Leona Art Restaurant is located along White Plains Ave., just near the intersection of Boni Serrano near Monterey Meatshop but on the opposite side of the road. It was a spur of the moment visit, as we were headed somewhere else for dinner. But I always keep passing by this resto, and I just had to stop and finally visit it.

The place is indeed charming. It's a house converted resto, and I just love the ambience of these kinds of places. I was surprised to see that the place was full on a Tuesday night, so I was expecting. It seems that big groups frequented the place, since it also doubles as a great drinking spot (cheap beers). So, that was a bit of confusion. When a resto becomes a beer joint, questions about the food are raised.

The menu was simple. Rice and pasta dishes. There was pizza and some other stuff. Not that much to choose from, but they have this cool concept of making your own dish. You can select a pasta or rice, meat, sauce, and other stuff to put in. Mix and match. We got a pizza with mushrooms and black olives (forgive the names, I wasn't able to write them down). It came out small, enough for one person. Really small for a pizza. The cost is around P200, so what do you expect. I noticed the cheese wasn't exactly high end, and it tasted like our pasturized "fake" local cheeses. But over-all, it was surprisingly good. I loved the crust. It actually reminded me of Greenwich, but more high end, if you get what I mean. At least it was satisfying.

We also got two pastas. One was cream based with shrimps, sort of a shrimp alfredo. It had a name but I forgot. It was one of the set pasta dishes in the menu. It didn't leave any impression at all. At P180, it was not a good choice.

The highlight dish was this tomato based sauce that had a great italian sausage. We actually made this dish. Mix and match. The italian sausage was excellent that we had to another one of the same dish. The only SAD thing about this restaurant is that their servings are EXTRA SMALL. This is probably the reason why it is relatively cheap. We had to order another one of the same dish imagine. What's great though is that they have this promo for their house wine, 3 glasses for P100. I have never heard of something like that. I ended up having 3 glasses and drinking beer. Now I know the reason why barkadas go here. It's a good place to unwind and chill out with friends. And it's like home.


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