Myron's Place

It's been more than two months since I've been to Greenbelt, and I really haven't explored much of the new Greenbelt 5. So when I saw the new row of restos in their ground floor near the garden, I just had to try one of them. For this, we wanted meat, so we headed straight to Myron's Place.

The ambience in this part of Greenbelt was classy, and I thought Myron's interiors weren't as great as the others around it. Though with a garden outside like that, it's so inviting to just take a table outside. However, we sat inside because I was feeling hot. Unfortunately, the aircon was not working properly, so it eventually became hotter inside than outside. Quite a big no-no for a high end place.

Anyway, on to the food. We were given dark rye bread for free. It wasn't great, but the butter cream was good.

Our appetizer, the Risotto Balls with Chorizo was then served. We initially wanted oysters, but decided to jsut go with something new. Hence, the risotto mixed with chopped chorizo. It was spectacular, but it tasted good. You could take the meaty goodness of the chorizo, and the risotto was cooked right (very crucial). It also came with corn which was a good texture to the softness of the balls (gave it a bit of a crunch).

Now for the main courses. Let's start with the excellently cooked Duet of Bacon Wrapped Angus Steak and Grilled Prawns.This dish looked normal in presentation, but the taste was surprising. As my sister described it, it tasted like high quality bacon burger. The bacon's juices blended perfectly with the steak that was rightly cooked to medium. I admire the right pinkness of the meat, and it was tender. I almost forgot that there were shrimps in the dish.

Then for the pasta, Linguini with Grilled Chicken and Blue Cheese. This was good dish but the blue cheese's flavor didn't come out. The serving was also big enough for sharing. Nothing spectacular.

The next dish was my dish, since everyone got meat. So I chose from the seafood selection, and got the Steamed Salmon with Pernod Sauce and Tomato Confit. The salmon didn't taste much like salmon, so I'm guessing it was a bit overcooked or the natural juices got washed away after steaming. The pernod sauce was okay, and l had to add in salt. The tomato confit wasn't as juicy as well.

And then for the final dish, the dish of my sister who celebrated her birthday. She got the Loin of Lamb in 3-Ways. So there were 3 seasonings on top of each piece of lamb. The lamb in itself didn't taste like lamb, which bothered me. But the meat was cooked well again, and the seasonings were interesting. It was a heavy dinner.

I couldn't say much about the place but over-all, we had a nice (but hot) dinner. I think all the dishes were worth the steep price. Myron's Place had big servings that wouldn't leave you hanging. We didn't get dessert since I wanted to satisfy my FIC craving once again. Would I go back? Probably not, given that there's really nothing GREAT. But that's me. I can't help but judge the place with high expectations because of its location. And I think it's just right to expect, given their expensive menu as well.


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