Monday, September 22, 2008

Gasthof at A. Venue

Since I was able to try Gasthof in Boracay around 4 years ago, I couldn't get enough of it. When I'm in Naga, I also couldn't stop for a visit in their branch there. Now, Gasthof is open in Makati, in A.Venue along Makati Ave to be exact.

Of course, Gasthof is known for the ribs. I was just disappointed when their servings decreased in size significantly. I remember that for a little over P400, you are served a full slab. Now, it's just half a slab.

We also ordered a platter of cheese since we ordered some wine.

Gashtof also has some good entrees on their menu other than the ribs. I love their laing (great with ribs) and this pasta dish, just because of the sausage that came with it. Of course, this is a German resto, so their sausages must really be good.

The last dish was supposedly the appetizer, but because they seemingly had a hard time preparing and cutting the cold cuts, it came in late. We even forgot we ordered this platter. Anyway, as you can see, it was huge, and thus was good value (almost P400 I think for the entire thing).

So if you've never tried Gasthof, well, they're finally here. But I would still suggest you get your first bite in Bora or Naga. For some unsurprising reason, it's just not as good. Go figure.


  1. i visited this branch in A Venue and was disappointed :( its because of poor service, not by the staffs but specifically with the Manager :(

    we visited there a few weeks back and our group was busy chitchatting while suddenly the Manager just pumped up the volume and we can no longer hear ourselves :( why would the Manager do that .... it was so loud that even the people at the bar beside was looking to see whats going on :(

    and so we just decided to leave and not stay there or else our eardrum will be damaged.

  2. Yup, these are the flaws of restaurant branches. Same thing happens with Cyma, even though they have better management. That's why I don't advise popular small restaurants opening up other branches, unless they can ensure quality control.



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