Backpacker by Heart

I've been bitten by the travel bug when I took a trip for work to 5 destinations in Asia in just one route. I made it to Jakarta, Bali, KL, Saigon and Bangkok all in one direction. I was then carrying a huge suitcase and traveling using the national carriers. I wanted nice hotels and took the taxi to and from the airport.

It didn't take long to notice that I was doing something wrong. I just didn't feel right. Trip after trip abroad every month after, I was slowly introduced to the backpacking way of traveling. It was Thailand that brought out the adventurous spirit in me. In the Philippines, I just went to Boracay every year, and that was it. Now, I cannot even stand a weekend without going out of town.

Backpacking is a way of travel and life. It's not for everyone. I've asked my friends if they were willing to stay in guesthouses, share bathrooms, talk to strangers, take the bus and go to a trip without any set itinerary. They wouldn't. And I don't blame them. I always try to convince them to at least try. But I realized it's not a preference. You have to really be a backpacker at heart.

So now, I embark on my another backpacking experience. I am in China. Alone with my trusted backpack. Sure, I have wandered in SEA alone. I have trekked up to Mount Bromo, crossed the islands of Thailand, trekked the highlands of Malaysia and explored the regions of Indochina. But now, I feel I am new in this. I am filled with excitement and anticipation. I am eager to experience what's ahead of me.

For 18 days, I will be travelling in South China, with P35,000, across 10 destinations, from Guangzhou to Shangri-la. I do hope to meet some pinoy backpackers as well, because in all my travels, I have never met any. I hope to share every experience in this ambitious trip.


  1. ive always wanted to go backpacking alone, lalo na around asia, but i was always afraid of the what ifs. i thought id go around the philippines first but it still remains to be something ive yet to do.
    pretty interested to see how your china trip unfolds.
    looks like youre out on the road already, so ill just follow you on your blog for now.

  2. Ive havent backpacked ever but dabbled a bit on getting it rough twice in my life. First was a road trip complete with camping gear and all but this turned me off with the backpakers ive met alng the wy. For me, everyone who seemed to be backpacking whom ive met thorugh the years ive lived in australia, were young people full of hormones and lack of inhibitions and social grace and manners. I didnt quite like them at all. But when i tavelled to india with my now husband and parents-in-law, we roughed it in by simply not having a set plan with our transportation and accommodation. With literally our oversize backpacks, i revised my perception of backapcking and saw it as an adventure instead ofan orgy. We knew we had to get to our friends wedding at a specific day, so we explored delhi and worked our way soutwest via agra, jaipur and ahmnabad using public and local means. I would love to backpack my way through an adventure but cannot do it alone i know. Id love to try it out with my husband and friends someday... maybe even my kids when theyre older and am still able too.

  3. backpacking is not an orgy. for me, it's travelling for real, because you're not tied up in tour groups. and you dictate the pace. it's your life, your adventure.


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