Fresh Seafood Lunch in Mui Ne

After visiting the nearby fishing village, we asked our guide to take us to a lunch venue by the beach. He brought us to this seaside "dampa".

The seafood here was fresh and very appetizing. The crabs were huge and had a lighter color (don't know what that meant though). Each weighed 3 kilos minimum.

Some vendors also tried to sell us crayfish, prawns, lobsters and all sorts of other crustaceans. In the end, our lunch menu included the following: Grilled Scallops and Prawns and Steamed Crabs. All naked, meaning no cooking sauces. We only asked for soy sauce, lemon and salt.

We had difficulty buying, since our guide again seemed to have conned us into paying for more. Disheartened and already angry at the tour guide, we threatened the vendors to cancel our orders. But the crabs were already in the pot, so the vendors argued with our tour guide. In the end, we fought our tour guide, paid the price we agreed upon with the vendor, and apologized to the vendors. We knew it was our tour guide's fault that the argument over price blew up. I hated our tour guide after that and never spoke to him again. I wish I never got him in the first place. 
Nevertheless, we had a very satisfying meal.  The scallops were the winning dish. They were so fresh and tasty, and grilled perfectly. With lemon and salt as dipping sauce, we were in utopia with every bite. And they were served on cardboard!

Despite the bad situation in buying lunch, we ended up happy and full. Goes to show how much good food can change your mood that fast.


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