Onwards to Mui Ne

From the Saigon airport, we rented a private van to take us to Mui Ne, around 180 kms north of Saigon. The van also served as our transport around Mui Ne and would take us back to Saigon after 2 days. The van cost us $100, so it was worth it, given that we were 10 in the group. Our resort in Mui Ne was Mui Ne Resort, owned by Sinh Cafe. We arrived in the evening, around 10PM, so these pictures were taken the next day.

The resort was decent and perhaps, the most luxurious accommodation that we stayed in for the entire trip. What's even better is that it only cost us $35 per room per night. The rooms were spotless and had a comfortable bed. The bathroom was also spacious and had a separate shower (our past hotels had no division). 

The pool was also huge. There was a bar beside it, and one can lounge by the pool benches surrounding it.

The beach of Mui Ne is not exceptional. In fact, it reminded us of Puerto Galera's. The sand quality is rather poor compared to Philippine standards. The water was also unclear, and the waves were storng, making it a bit unsafe to swim.

We thought that there was an entire beach fronting the hotel, but we found none. The resort was elevated, since the tide rose at night, making the beach disappear. There was a small area though on the elevation, where one can lounge facing the beach. 

Mui Ne Resort is a good budget choice, given that the average price in the area for resorts is at $60. If you want a beach front, better get a resort further on the Southern part, the area that you first reach upon entering the Cape of Mui Ne from the town.


  1. We stayed in Mui Ne resort too when my friends and I went there last May 2008, booked through Sinh Cafe...good value for money, spent 60 dollars each for an overnight stay,including transport to and from Saigon, food and tour :-)

    I hope you went sledding/boarding at the sand dunes! :-)

  2. We didn't go sledding. Parang medyo useless when we saw some foreigners, kasi it wasn't smooth. So we rolled down the dunes na lang, haha.

  3. oh, sayang!..
    that was unexpectedly the highlight of our trip :-)
    we were with a bunch of foreigners and we were the only one who tried sledding, to our hearts' content! they were contented to watch us na lang, kasi puro na sila matatanda,pity..


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