Singapore River Night Cruise

One of the simplest yet best ways to see Singapore in the fastest way possible is via the Singapore River Night Cruise. Some of my colleagues arrived in SG, and only had that night to see what the Lion City looks like. So, I took them on a night cruise, that lasted for an hour.

The docking station is located at famous night spot Clark Quay. I forgot how much the ride costs, but I think it is between SGD15 to 25. We took the last trip, so we were the only ones on board.

The cruise took us to 3 main sites in SG, passing through the Riverside Point and City Hall area.

The Fullerton Hotel was lit up in extravagant beauty. The trip I felt would be perfect for romantics. You go under bridges that are also lit up.

Then you pass by the Esplanade, that durian shaped theater that is found in most SG postcards. You will also see the Merlion nearby.

Perhaps the latest addition to this wonderful view is the new Marina Bay Sands Resort/Hotel that establishes its towering presence on the horizon. We didn't get as close to the hotel though, probably because the boatman wanted to go back since it was getting late.

After the relaxing cruise, you can have drinks and dessert in happening Clark Quay. There are several bars and cafes in the area making it a perfect chill out spot with views of the river. So if you happen to be in SG for a short period of time, try the Singapore River Night Cruise and see that the Lion City has to offer.


  1. what time is the last cruise?

  2. it's at 10:00 to 10:30 pm I think. This was the trip that we took.

  3. hi papa i love u!!!!!! this is from lizzy!!!

  4. Wow, beautiful Singapore!!! Hope i can visit this country next year...hahaha...


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