Dean and Deluca opens in Bangkok

I'm quite shocked that Dean & Deluca, a stellar New York based cafe, chose Bangkok as their first Asian location. I mean, Manila would be perfect, given how much coffee and cafe addicts we are. I would imagine D&D in the Fort, with an all white modern facade, laying their commitment to be purveyors of fine food. 

D&B Bangkok is located just beside the Chong Nonsi Station in the Sathron and Silom area. It is set near the business district, hence, they get a lot of office neophytes and stalwarts brainstorming and arguing over fine food and coffee.

The ambience was exceptional. The al fresco area looked very relaxing. The street beside it wasn't too busy, although it may be because it was a Saturday. It was too hot though to stay outdoors.

You enter a very imposingly huge steel door. The high ceilings made me feel I was entering an art gallery, a museum. 

There was enough space for a lot of guests, and the place was full at 2PM. Most were just hanging around, sipping and chatting. Some were having a light lunch, from their rather sparse menu.

The have also laid out cakes and pastries that make you drool in sweetness. The freezers were open, so you can easily give in to your desires.

We ordered lunch, which comprised of a soup and a sandwich. The mushroom truffle soup we got was rich and seasoned well, although, it wasn't served in its right temperature. The bread on the side was so tough, that I totally ignored it.

I also ordered Turkey Breast sandwich, which tasted normal. Nothing great, except for the chips that came with it.

Now for dessert. We asked the server what cake was popular, and he readily answered the Velvet Cake. Well, I still consider the Scarlet Cake of Cookbook Kitchen the best velvet cake, so I wondered if this would challenge that.

Well, it didn't even come close. Even Red Ribbon's was better. The chiffon was too dry, and the butter icing was tasteless. I was very disappointed.

Good thing we had another dessert, the Banofie pie. I still consider Starbucks' Manila's banofie pie to be the best there is. Well, I'm glad to say it at least was above average, but Starbucks' was still better. The fluffy cream balls on top of the succulent banana pie was to die for. It was the crumbly crust that made it lose.

Well, I really can't give a thumbs up verdict for the food in Dean & Deluca Bangkok, but I would still come back. As purveyors of fine food though, I hope they match their menu with their promise. And oh, the coffee was pretty pleasant, perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon in the heart of the Thai capital.


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