Palm Beach (La Frondosa)

I woke up one Saturday morning without anything to do, so the most logical move was to head out of town for a beach. I was kind of getting bored with the North already, so I decided to explore more of the South. I really didn't want to go to Nasugbu, so I thought of heading to San Juan. This is how I ended up in Palm Beach Resort (La Frondosa) in Brgy. Hugom, in San Juan, Batangas.

I chose Palm Beach because it wasn't on the main beach of Laiya, where all the crowds were. I wanted some peace and quiet, and Palm Beach looked perfect for my preference that day.

The resort was well maintained, and constructed. I loved the spacious nipa hut cabanas facing the beach. I practically spent my entire day just lying there with my iPod playing chill out music.

We got a Superior Room that had a terrace facing the beach for around P3,800. Not bad, considering it was spacious and had modern amenities.

Don't expect luxury though. It's just right for its price. The room even had a day bed where another person can sleep in. I still think Philippine resorts are very expensive for the standard they give.

One big problem here is the food. They make you include your meals in the room deal, so you get full board. Although that may sound good, the food sucked. It was bland and bad. I'd rather eat somewhere else.

There were a lot of guests in the resort, so it wasn't as exclusive. There are around 200 rooms, so it can fit an entire company. The swimming pool area is expansive, and I can imagine pool parties happening here.

Palm Beach is not as nice as Laiya's, which is located on another cove. This beach is rockier, the sand less fine. The resort also doesn't put sun lounges by the beach. The cabanas make up for it. 

 There were a lot of families and barkadas in the resort, thus, making Palm Beach a place for big groups. Given the spacious rooms I would understand why. They also have accommodations that can fit up to 12 people in one suite.

Palm Beach (La Frondosa) is a welcoming alternative to busy Laiya. It remind me more of a smaller Canyon Cove, rather than of nearby Aquatico. I would recommend it for families or groups of friends who are looking for weekend escape away from the city.


  1. Wonderful blog! what a collection of beaches.I wish to be there with my friends.Palm island is famous for its world class beaches.I will visit this place very soon.


    1. The views of Palm Beach Resorts and Palm Beaches are really heart touching. These beaches are really good places for vacations.


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