Grand Quartier Suites at the Crosswinds

The Grand Quartier Suites is located in the upscale residential hillside community of Crosswinds. The hotel takes its design inspiration from the Swiss Alps, hence, makes it try unique from the other hotels in Tagaytay.

I actually knew about the Grand Quartier Suites through the sprawling Crosswinds ad upon entering Aguinaldo highway from Sta. Rosa. I was intrigued since it was an alternative to the Highlands.

With a very attractive rate of P6,000 a night for a two-bedroom suite, it was a no brainer to try out spending a night there. We actually booked the hotel for our company's planning session.

Now, the lobby wasn't that promising nor inviting at all. It was small, cramped and the hallways looked haunted. However, once our room door opened, we were in big smiles.

The room was spacious, very bright and airy. The decor was refined though not Swiss inspired. We got two rooms, one 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom suite. The one here was our room, the more spacious 1-bedroom suite. The 2-bedroom suite was actually slight bigger in size, only with two rooms. So the 1-bedroom suite had a more spacious living and dining area.

I loved the ambience of the place, and it really felt comfortable. I was just disappointed at the bathroom which looked worn already. But overall, the facilities of the room were excellent, from the bedroom's comfortable poster bed and the full sized kitchen. And of course, there was a balcony that looked out to an enchanting view.

The Crosswinds may not have the view of Taal Lake, but it was surely relaxing. The lush greenery complemented the design to mimic a village on the Swiss Alps.

Overall, I was satisfied with the Grand Quartier Suites. It is perfect for a family getaway or a barkada escape. But don't expect a swimming pool and other hotel amenities. The best way to enjoy this place is to cook your own dinner and just lounge all throughout the night amidst the cool breeze of this tucked away area of Tagaytay.

+6328569601 (Manila office)


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