Ice World at the Venetian

This year, the Venetian in Macau brought in an interesting attraction: Ice World. Located in one of the convention halls of the resort, the ice sculpture exhibition brings the experience of the northern Chinese city of Harbin to the shores of balmy Macau.

Ice World's sculptures are handcrafted by Harbin ice carving experts. The exhibition showcases popular landmarks in the world. The one below is the first room which features Macau.

It then proceeds to the wonders of China. There were detailed sculptures of horses, the terra-cotta warriors and of temples. Though not as grand, they were still impressive.

You wind through the exhibition going through different rooms and passing by ice bridges and tunnels like the one below.

This one is a miniature version of the Colleseum of Rome...

and of the Eiffel Tower...

We also have the Big Ben of London and the Taj Mahal of India.

One of the best sculptures was actually not a landmark. It was this carousel, which was carved in great detail and illuminated with changing colorful lights.

You can even ride one of the coaches or horses for an exciting photo opp.

For kids, this will probably be the highlight: the ice slide. Though it wasn't that high, it was fun sliding down a block of ice.

Finally, as you reach the end, you will be greeted by an ice bar. Inspired from the ice bars in Norway and Finland, this Ice Bar in Macau has chairs and tables made of huge blocks of ice. Nobody was ordering though, because it was really cold.

So if you are staying in the Venetian, better make your way to Halls H and I for the Ice World. It may not be as impressive as the sculptures in Harbin, but it is a great way to spend an hour in the freezing cold.


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