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When I heard an indoor skydiving tunnel was being built in Sentosa, I was so eager to try out the new adventure. So when it finally opened, I didn't pass on the chance to fly.

iFly is the world's largest wind tunnel that enables sky diving simulation. So think of a very very strong electric fan blowing under you for you to fly upwards, or at least levitate.

iFly is located in Sentosa in Singapore, just beside the Beach station. Flying came at a price though, and it was quite high as well. It will cost you around 3,500 pesos per person to get a chance to be suspended in mid air.

I was disappointed with the price, but we were already there, and not everyone can say they actually flew like a bird already. So despite that setback, we shelled out the dollars and got our passports to fly

The experience begins with a video that shows you some history and facts about flying It will also show you what to expect with the experience. Afterwards, you are taken to another room where you get to practice the correct position in flying. Believe me, the lesson looked simple, but as soon as we geared up and entered the wind tunnel, it was a totally different story.

The wind tunnel was not that bog and your companions can watch you fly. We all flew so we had our pictures taken from the shop (another expensive souvenir). The entire flying experience was not enough. You only get 2 chances to fly for around 3 minutes each, even if you don't get to really "fly" well in the right position. Amongst all of us, only my 10 year old daughter was able to fly without support.

Nevertheless, it was still a hair raising experience, and an exhilarating one as well. Our instructor showed off his skills at the end, flying to the top of the wind tunnel and somersaulting down. He told us that with enough practice, we could do the same. Flying was addictive indeed. Will I do it again? Of course! I just hope they lower the prices.


  1. i saw this on the tourist guide booklet when i was there 2weeks ago. too bad i didnt have enough time to try it.


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