The Grand Resort Deck at Galaxy Macau

And so I come to the reason why we are staying in Galaxy Macau. Just like roof deck and sky high bars, beach clubs are a growing trend in Asia. So when I chanced upon the beach club at the Galaxy, I definitely said to myself that I needed to experience it for myself.

It's called the Grand Resort Deck, shared by the Galaxy Hotel, Okura and the Banyan Tree, although the Banyan Tree has its own exclusive resort deck and pool. The Grand Resort Deck makes the Galaxy unique in Macau. 

In fact, you would feel you are in Macau. The resort deck is expansive indeed. Only guests to the hotels can get access to the deck, as receptionists ask for your room number when you take the entrance.

The resort deck has a beautiful heated infinity pool, with several lounges surrounding it.

Dedon Orbit loveseats lined up the swimming pool as well. It was very relaxing to just escape into these pods.

The Grand Resort Deck has surprisingly one restaurant, Oasis. It serves Asian and continental cuisine, both indoor and al fresco. 

We had a lunch buffet in Oasis, which had few guests. There was a magician roaming around, who pulled off fantastic tricks on us while eating. A clown also provided some annoying entertainment.

I was a little disappointed at the restaurant though. The food was uninspired, even though they had a meat and seafood grill. They should have put more options in the deck, and not just one restaurant.

Moving on, there was a bar int he center of the deck, overlooking the center of attraction in the resort deck - the wave pool.

The wave pool is one of the biggest I have seen. And it washes upon a 2,500 square meter beach with real white sand.

This type of opulence can probably be found in Dubai, but I was in Macau. There wasn't a lot of people on the "beach", which was also lined with sun lounges. It was unfortunate that the hotel buildings blocked off the sun in a bright afternoon.

The wave pool produced a maximum of 1.5 meter waves, and it was so fun to take a splash on it.

In the end, the experience of a fake beach in the middle of casino land was awesome. The Grand Resort Deck felt exclusive, but I would assume it can get busy during the high season.

This experience made the relatively high cost of staying in the Galaxy worth it. And compared to the rest of the hotels in Macau, this has got to be one of the best value. The rooms of the Galaxy were flawless, and you even get a free mini bar. But with the Grand Resort Deck and its white sand beach and huge wave pool, I don't think I have to say that this is the best choice to stay in Macau.


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