The Theodore Hotel

We stumbled upon the newest boutique hotel in Tagaytay after giving up our search for a new restaurant. We got intrigued by Agui's fresh Tagaytay cuisine concept, because it was very vague. What was Tagaytay cuisine anyway? 

So there was the chance to enter Theodore. I am not sure if the Boutique Bed and Breakfast and Theodore are related, since the two are beside each other. In any case, I think those who have tried the Boutique will definitely be interested with Theodore, and vice versa. 

As soon as you enter their doors, this metal zebra sculpture will welcome you. As I take a quick 360 look at the lobby, I was actually not as impressed with the design. Yes, it was bold and more masculine than the Boutique, but I kind of found some design elements disconnected.

Take for example their dining area. It suddenly became too bright and cheery. This picture below is taken from their website, since my picture was so dark. There was no one eating, and there was probably just one guest in the hotel. We were there on a Tuesday.

I moved down the hall towards another dining area, which was more wooden in design. I actually skipped the room and rushed outside the garden area. There was a nice sexy looking cabana before the main garden. I just wondered if the cabana is as comfortable as it looked. 

I particularly liked the garden, with a refreshing view of the lake and hillside. There was another cabana at one corner of the garden. I immediately told our waiter that we wanted to eat there.

 Now, I feel ashamed that I wasn't able to take a picture of the food that we had, because, ever since this visit, I have been to Theodore three times, just to eat. And I had our meals all in that charming cabana in the corner of the garden. The breeze was cool, the surrounding was peaceful and the food was excellent. Yes, excellent. I loved their thick and juicy Crispy Pork Belly and even their Bulalo. My friends also loved the Osso Bucco but I thought it was too salty. They also serve pasta (try their pesto and creamy tomato basil) and pizzas (janitor's choice). The menu is actually short and simple. Agui's wasn't really a popular restaurant, but they still served up some memorable dishes.

After lunch, we decided to take a tour of the rooms. In Theodore's, just like in Boutique, each room had a unique concept. The one above was an actual picture I took of their Geometric Room.

The Modern Filipino Room above is a picture from their website. I like the relaxed and bright atmosphere of this room. I just don't know why it's called modern Filipino.

The room that I liked best was the Theodore Suite, a room that overlooks Taal Lake. The room has a whimsical design however, the mood was still classy and comfortable.

And with a bath like this, well, I would surely book one night in this room. I just wondered if I could fit comfortably in this tub.

The rooms in Theodore have two categories only, the superior and the vista deluxe. The vista deluxe all have views of the lake. The price changes during weekdays and weekends just like most hotels in Tagaytay. I am quite pleased with Theodore, especially with its fresh and simple food that kept me craving for more. It is indeed a formidable addition to the boutique hotels mushrooming all over Tagaytay.

Theodore Hotel
 (046) 483-0350 and (02) 542-6042


  1. ang nice naman po. yomon yomon! sana maka afford din ako ng ganyang hotel in the near future. :)


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