Baguio City Public Market

The public market of Baguio City is the best in the country. I have always imagined doing tours here, because the first time I went here, I was enthralled with its maze like layout.

Having a climate advantage, the public market offers more than just cool strolls but also a lot of interesting items for sale. Of course, it is known for having one of the cheapest fruits and vegetables in a tourist area. My "chef" friends usually buy tons of vegetables and even spices in this market.

Of course, the market also offers several fruit choices, and this is the place to go for strawberries. The strawberries are delivered here everyday fresh from Trinidad and nearby mouton areas. 

They also sell a wide variety of rice. It's interesting that they offer brown mountain rice as well. The public market is also well organized, hence the dry and wet goods are clearly separated. Clusters for rice, fruits, vegetables, delicacies are clearly marked. 

That's why it's FUN to go around the market. I particularly head for the coffee stalls like Kape Umali and Garcia's. They offers excellent coffee beans, ground and prepared on the spot. 

Garcia's is my favorite, and we actually serve their coffee in the office. At first, I was ignoring the fuss about the Baguio market coffee. But after seeing how they were sold, I was excited to have a cup. Yes, I am that gullible. 

In the end, a trip to the Baguio City public market is really worth it. I suggest it to every tourist. It's also the best place to buy souvenirs since it's cheaper here. The public market of Baguio City is definitely one of the best in the country, if not the best.


  1. yan ang isa sa paborito kong pasalubong diyan. dami kasi sa bahay mahilig sa kape. sa masarap na kape. i also recommend that you try the kalinga coffee.

  2. please visit kape umali coffee shop as well, #1 shangri-la village.

  3. please visit kape umali coffee shop as well, #1 shangri-la village.

  4. The place was good, I can never say anything. But I like Baguio.


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