Forest House Bed and Breakfast

We all know Forest House, that quaint and charming restaurant on the way to Camp John Hay. Forest House has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in Baguio for years now, and recently, I discovered that they offered more than just their great food.

For those who have not yet been to the Forest House Cafe, it's really one of the best dining spots in Baguio. Its terrace is now bigger, while the interiors remain as charming and as cozy as before. It can get full during lunch and dinner so make sure you arrive early or reserve.

As we were headed out after lunch, we noticed a staircase going down. We were led to this wooden door. Curious, we entered and discovered the bed and breakfast.

It was like going through a house in gingerbread land. The mood was very relaxing and playful in a way. We wanted to explore more of the place.

There was actually another dining area if the space above gets full. I like this part the most, because it's very private. The receptionist told us that this area is used usually for functions and small seminars. 

Opposite the dining area is a living space, where I guests can have a perfect cup of coffee. I imagine friends and families playing board games or just simply hanging out here.

Now for the rooms. Forest House Inn is of course a boutique property, so they only have 4 rooms I think, named after the children of the owners. Each cabin is different, so you get to choose which suits you best.

I forgot the name of the room, but I call it the Green Door (obviously). It has two double sized beds. Despite the old feel of the room, it was one of the coziest nooks I have slept on. And since it was cold and damp in Baguio that day, staying in bed all day was pure bliss.

There was also the Red Door beside, but it was occupied, so I wasn't able to view it. I guess this room had a better view since it faced a wider space.

All in all, my stay in the Forest House Inn was short lived. Too short lived that I wasn't able to enjoy it that much. But I promised myself to come back to enjoy the coffee, order food every 3 hours and finally finish my book here. 

16 Loakan Rd., Baguio City+63 74 4470459
+63 74 4421693


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