Amangalla: The Sri Lankan Diaries

Our stay in The Three was again short lived, but the weekend was already over and we had to go back to Colombo. But before heading back, we made our last stop to our speedy adventure - the historical fort of Galle - a UNESCO World Heritage site.

And what better way to start off our tour of Galle by having lunch in arguably one of the best resorts in the country, the nostalgically beautiful Amangalla. 

Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’, and galla, the Sinhalese word for the town of Galle, the resort reveals the fort’s daily activities and its rich legacy, the narrow streets lined with buildings from the Dutch and British colonial eras. 

The preserved building provides a very old world charm to the resort. Even the furniture were antique, and looked like pieces in a museum. As soon as we placed our orders for lunch, I excitingly began to explore the resort.

There were very few guests in the resort (seemed like there was none), so I didn't see a single soul in sight, except for a few very courteous staff members. I was following a path to the gardens that eventually opened up to the pool. 

The poolside was empty and I was so tempted to take a dip, given that the weather was hot at that time. I could imagine myself reading a book or blogging the entire day here. The day beds at the cabanas were so inviting. I thought that the green color of the pool tiles made it look like a river though, more than a pool.

I then moved on to the library which was a nice place to relax into. I imagined myself having a cup of coffee here while browsing the books and magazines that were in place here. 

I continued on my exploration and ended up in their spa. The rooms were bare though, and looked more like a hospital than a spa to me (creepy in other words). 

I went back up to the restaurant which was being prepared by the staff. The dining hall was stately, yet very laid back. I imagined the rich and powerful of the old days having  elegant dinners here.

We had our lunch in the patio facing the street. I was so hungry already, so I finished my meal with much haste. We ordered dessert and even coffee as I wanted to savor the feeling of being part of the Galle's enduring past. It was the perfect start for an afternoon exploring the rest of Galle Fort and finally ending our Sri Lankan weekend adventure.


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