The Three by TPV: The Sri Lankan Diaries

From Colombo, it was already a smooth drive along the new highway to Galle. We didn't go into Galle Old Town though and headed straight to our seaside home for the night - The Three by TPV, a lovely boutique resort at Ahangama, which is just after the popular Unamawatuna beach.

I was surprised that there were several beach resorts along the coast of Galle, which was badly affected by the great tsunami of 2004. Some looked huge, while others were charming. The Three by TPV fell in the latter category and as soon as I entered its gates, I was in awe.

I think these pictures speak for themselves. The lobby of the resort was amazing. We were warmly welcomed by our host, the owner of the resort, who escorted us with gusto to our rooms. I had to ask him to wait a while, since I was still admiring the decor at the lobby.

The Three was one of the best looking boutique resorts I have been to. It reminded me of Sala in Phuket, at a quarter of the price. Yes folks, the cost of a night at this resort did not exceed 100USD. And this is what you get.

All rooms had verandas and are spread apart facing the garden. There are I think a total of just 7 rooms,  which made the entire property very exclusive as well. I think there were only 2 empty rooms when we arrived, and the place still felt we owned it.

The room was spacious and sparklingly white. I was minding every detail in the room, from the mini people figures climbing the wall to the ropes hangars that held up the invisible (white) bathrobes. The ceiling was high giving the room an airy feel.

I loved the modern outdoor bath which opened up to a small garden. Just take note that since it was outdoor, you can't help but get a few bugs around. So it's best to keep that bathroom door closed.

The resort had a dining area in the center of the garden. I loved the high back wooden chairs and white drapes. It felt very classy and trendy at the same time.

The pool was huge, considering that there can only be around 20 guests in the entire resort at one time. One could do laps in this pool, which changed colors at night.

At the end of the pool was a patio that overlooked the sea. This was the perfect chill out spot without being pretentious. The other owners of the resort were lounging here, and I was even invited to have a drink with them.

By night fall, I was already in love with The Three by TPV. We had a wonderful dinner served by the most gracious staff I have interacted with in this trip. So far, this has been one of my favorite stays this year. Sri Lanka is definitely on the rise, especially with resorts like this.

The Three by TPV
Mahavihara Road, Ahangama
80650 Sri Lanka

Ambience: 4
Rooms: 3
Service: 3.5
Facilities: 2.5
Dining: 3
Over-all Experience: 3.5
IE Score: 3.25 (Good)


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