Mozaic: Ubud, Bali

In every trip I take, I always make sure I visit a high calibre restaurant, whether it be one of the top restaurants in the region or a Michelin starred one. For this trip to Bali, I finally secured seats to the elusive Mozaic. 

Mozaic Restaurant is helmed by Chef Salans. This unique restaurant have been given praise all around the world for its excellence in quality and the beauty of their location. 

As soon as you enter their lounge, you will be treated immediately to an interesting menu of cocktails. Then, when they call your name, you will be escorted outside into the garden, where the magic happens.

Mozaic is the only restaurant in Southeast Asia selected by Traditions & Qualité as one of Les Grandes Tables du Monde (Great Tables of the World) and to have its wine list awarded year after year by Wine Spectator. It is also the only Indonesian restaurant to be selected as one of the 100 World’s Best in the San Pellegrino Guide.

With those accolades under its belt, we were guaranteed of an unforgettable dinner which was a 5-course tasting menu, that was served for a limited period. 

I will not go into detail with the food that was served, since I could not remember much of it anyway. Here are some though that has been engraved in my mind starting off with this very refreshing lobster bisque. 

The star of the night for me was the 2nd course - this beautifully plated grilled scallop, which was the most tender I have had. 

The next one was a fish dish, either you get the salmon or the swordfish with uni. Meat followed just after a quick palette cleanser of lemon-watermelon sorbet, which was quite an ordinary sorbet, but believe me, it was very much different from what I had in the past in other restaurants.

Then, the desserts came out. We were served with plates that were enough for sharing. We had ganaches, brûlées and truffles that ended our meal in heaven. 

Of course, all of these we paired with great wine, that made my taste buds explode with flavor. It was truly one meal we would never forget - fabulous food enjoyed exclusively under the stars while being  surrounded with tropical splendors. Mozaic in Ubud, Bali has got to be in your bucket list of places to dine in.


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