The Purist of Ubud

As you know, I visit Bali every year. Let's say it's a pilgrimage I make already. Bali is one of my favorite spots in the world, even though it doesn't have great beaches such as ours. And when in Bali, I always take the trip up to Ubud, that quaint highlands town known for its art and culture.

This time, I decided to stay for a night un Ubud, something I have not done before. There were several interesting choices in Ubud. I ended up selecting a resort that promised a Pure Unique Relaxing Irresistible Stylish Tempting experience. Hence, the Purist.

The resort was located further inward the forests of Ubud, so it's not really accessible easily from the town center. The entrance to the resort is also easy to miss, and you may think you've come to the wrong place. 

But as soon as we entered the marbled walls of the resort, I was gasping in amazement. The Purist was indeed stylish, luxurious, relaxing and unique. I fell in love with the design of the resort instantly. It reminded me of an Aman actually, but more boutique, which is my preferred accommodation type. Hence, it was perfect for me.

The Purist Villas and Spa is a small resort with only 9 villas. Each villa is also unique, some had private pools while others were tucked away at the edge of the forests, some of them having wooden sun decks hanging over lush tropical gardens of bamboo palm trees.

It seemed that nature built itself around this resort. We walked its paths feeling we found a piece of heaven in the middle of a forest. Our butler was showing us around before taking us to our villa, which he said was not the villa we booked online - because the resort upgraded us. 

Hence, as the plants cleared, this unfolded before our eyes - probably the most beautiful pool villa I have stayed in. 

There was only one bedroom in the villa opened to us. This pool villa is actually a two-bedroom one, but since we only booked a single bedroom with an extra bed, they just closed off the other one.

There was an outdoor shower, again with a stunning design. The room however is a bit small, but with an outdoor area like this, who needed to stay in the room? We spent most of our time in the pavilion facing the pool. 

If this was just our pool, I wondered what the resort's pool would look like. It was an emerald infinity pool with gorgeous lime green sun lounges lining up its edge. I could imagine the stylish bask in the sun in these lounges. 

Most of the guests were out in tours, so we had the resort all to ourselves during the daytime. I got myself a massage in the spa. The resort didn't have a real restaurant, since everything can be brought in your villa - like our breakfast - served in a feast by our butler.

The friendly service at this resort is also top notch. They spoke clear English and took care of us sincerely, without being intrusive. You can really expect utmost privacy here.

 Our stay in Ubud was made extra special with the Purist, and I couldn't get over how beautiful this place looked like. We never left the resort except for dinner in one of Bali's most celebrated restaurants, Mozaic (more on that in my next posts).

After this, I will always be booking a night or two in Ubud to relax. The hustle and bustle of Seminyak and Kuta has already gotten me. Ubud is the perfect place to relax, spend a real vacation and be one with nature. And the Purist Villas and Spa can definitely give you all that and more. It is already one of my favorite resorts in the world.


JL.Tirta Tawar, Banjar Kutuh Kaja, Ubud, Denpasar 80571, Indonesia
+62 361 974454

Ambience: 4.5
Rooms: 4
Service: 4.5
Facilities: 3
Dining: 3.5
Over-all Experience: 4.5
IE Score: 4 (Excellent)


  1. Hi Rj,

    I was searching on google about best places to visit and I'm so very happy to see your blog site! :)

    Can you please share how much should be our budget if go here in about 3days or so on villa w/ a private pool and then visit Mozaic Restaurant?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Hi Diane!

      The villa in Purist cost us 15k per night, since we got the one with the pool. We wwre actually upgraded, hence we were moved to the villa with the biggest pool! A villa can range from 5k to 20k in Bali. If you're planning to dine in Mozaic, stay overnight in Ubud. There are lots of villas there too that are cheaper. In central Bali, I stay in Berry Amour in Kerobokan, Seminyak area. I just arrived from there last week actually. Oh, and Mozaic is uite pricey. We were 4 and paid 25k total (all in pesos sorry).

      Have a nice trip!


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