El Nido Finale

It seems weird that after writing this series from El Nido, I am now leaning towards it as my favorite in Palawan. I always said to myself that Coron is better. Now, with all of these reminiscing, I just want to go back to El Nido and explore more of it.

As a guest of El Nido Resorts, you are entitled to visit Entalula Island, which is like their beach club. For those in Miniloc and Lagen, this will be your beach day escape. I love having the picnic lunch here. I just devour their entire serving of grilled shrimps and liempo and continue to ask for more. It's part of your full board package so don't worry.

It is also highly recommended to kayak Entalula, though you may have to prepare for a long ride if you plan to circle the entire island. It may be the adventure of your life as well as you will be passing through rough open ocean water at some point. 

Of course, take the snorkling tours to Shimitsu, where the marine life is alive and kicking. We even swam with a lot of sea turtles in that area!

But the best experiences in El Nido has got to be the tours of the Big and Small Lagoons. Kayak through these areas for maximum adventure pleasure.

The Small Lagoon is also a nice place to snorkel. You pass under a small passageway on its rocks to be able to enter the lagoon, similar to the one in Coron. However, the main event for here is the Big Lagoon.

This is my first time to appreciate the Big Lagoon. During my past visits, I found kayaking in through the big lagoon boring. It was a huge lagoon surrounded by imposing limestone karsts. 

However, when our guide took us to canyon like caves, my experience in the Big Lagoon was jsut brought up several levels high. Think of this, kayaking through 16 foot high walls of rock lined with deep black sea urchins on its base with the water level just around 4 feet. The light from the sun tries to peek through, giving off a beam that is both mystical and inspiring.

And then you come out alive, and continue on kayaking to the center of the lagoon, with this view:

It really felt like an Indiana Jones thing, and I could just imagine a lochness monster coming out from the abyss. The water was eerie and calm, and there were baby sharks at the edges of the lagoon where the coral reefs were peeking up in wonder of our presence. 

Aside from the lagoons, there is also Snake Island where a winding long sandbar awaits all sun worshippers. El Nido has so many more islands with so many more beaches. I have still yet to discover Secret Beach, which is more far off to the South China Sea.


So, is El Nido worth it? I think the question is not that. Any visitor to El Nido will enjoy his time. And you don't even have to spend a lot with El Nido resorts. You can book more charming stays at El Nido town and go on unforgettable day trips to the fantastic islands that make up the dazzling and alluring El Nido.


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